Chapter 4: Flying and Cruising

“Don’t worry Jackson, they’ll put us through a machine just to make sure we’re not dangerous – it doesn’t hurt.  The two legs (aka people) have to go through a larger machine and some even receive the ‘magic wand’ treatment too.”  I am thankful for Nilla’s travel savvy.

Flying is pretty boring – tucked away in the pocket of the soft-sided carry on.

Nilla was right yet again –  getting away to warmer weather the end of March and the beginning of April, after a cold icy New England winter, takes care of the shivers.  The cruise on the Adventure of the Seas with Royal Caribbean is a lot of fun, the evening animals appearing every night, absolutely fantastic.  Ten days enjoying the western Caribbean.  We would have enjoyed getting to know them better.  Our stateroom, number 6688,  aft ship, is comfy with a large covered balcony with lots of opportunity to enjoy the sunny weather.  We don’t disembark ship with our guardians at any of the ports with the exception of Oranjestad when we go to La Cabana with a gift for Rose.  We overhear conversations about plans to stay at the resort in December – that will be fun.


The cabin attendant treats us royally and the photo staff adores us.  We went all over the ship and even went to the dinning room.  One night our guardians didn’t take us to dinner and, according to what is said in the cabin upon their return, folks disappointed at not seeing us –  at that point the staff and fellow passengers referring to as ‘the kids’.  Dinner in the dining room every night thereafter – the wait staff even sings to us, O Solo Mio!!

Nillla and I really love Annabelle, she makes everything just perfect in the dinning room. She even let us sit at the captain’s table – he wasn’t seated yet of course!


Nilla and Jackson at the Captains Table.
“Can I be of assistance?”  We feel sooo important!
Introduction to the officers on board – the hotel director and food and beverage director – neither sure they know what to do with us.
Windjammer service.  Don’t forget to sanitize your hands (paws)
Table 18 first seating.  Nitesh our waiter and Ezra the assistant waiter.  Elvis in charge of beverages. Rolls are yummy.
One of our animal friends looking cool with the shades.
Tucked in for an early evening!


“Nilla, you don’t know anything about computers!!  Leave that to me!!”
“Nilla, what are you looking at?”
They love us! – We’re so cute!  (They are too!!)
Checking out passengers in the dining room.


Our last evening.  Nilla whispers in my ear, “What do you think about cruising now?”

“I can’t wait until the next one!”

“It only gets better, repeat passengers receive special benefits!”, Nilla informs me.

Once home it’s laundry and mail for our guardians.  Nilla and I don’t have any laundry or mail – so simple.  Nilla is off and debriefing her bear friends and I am heading to the office to catch up on paper work and other matters that have accumulated while away.  We both wonder when we will be taking our next trip.


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