Chapter One: Nilla

It came to pass shortly after flights resumed in 2001 that my people, on a business trip to California, stay an extra day to enjoy the west coast weather.  While walking around Solvang and window shopping they spot me.

“Pick me, pick me” I shout inaudibly – my people don’t speak ‘teddy bear’.  I hope they won’t pick my cousin who is tucked on the shelf next to me along with other fuzzy creatures.

“Ah, Nilla is sooo cute!”

“You’re traveling so much, and with the apprehension of flying, Nilla would be a good companion for you!” the other responded.

Little did I know that I will travel across country many times and even go on several cruises to the warm Caribbean (especially great because the cabin attendant introduces me to new towel friends every night). When out and about people hug me, pose for photos with me – so much fun!  I love the attention and delight in sharing stories I tell my fellow bears, home on the dresser.


My competition enters our lives (my people and me) sometime in 2017 – here’s what he tells me…..

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