Chapter Three: Getting Acquainted

I am eyed from the tip of my nose to the tip of my tail, rather rudely I think, by a fuzzy floppy creature who looks unhappy.

“I’m Jackson, the office mouse”, trying to be friendly and explaining that I heard my person is going away and want to find out where ‘away’ is.”

“I’m Nilla the official traveling companion.  Why don’t you know where away is mister smarty office guy?  My people are going cruising on the Adventure of the Seas!”

“Correction, Where our people are going! – remember that!”

“Well, I’m a seasoned traveler – you have a lot to learn if the four of us are to explore the world together”, Nilla adds.  “Pay attention to my advice and you may actually have fun!”

We soon realize the importance of clarifying the’ my’, ‘your’ and ‘our’ in the now entwined lives.

“I’m a good listener, organized and thoughtful, we’ll make a good pair, besides when our guardians go on an excursion and leave us alone, we’ll be good company for one another!”

Travel buddies – glad the awkward introductions are over.

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