Chapter Two: Jackson

I am essential in creating an organized office space for my person once recruited  in 2014 – up until then my life had been pretty boring.  Large and orange – it is hard for staff to ignore me – much paper in a supposedly ‘paperless’ work place.  When my person leaves the office for a week or so I make sure the staff kept things tidy.  Then in 2017 I learn that my person will be out of the office for a while again, and become curious, so, I sneak into the orange backpack one evening.

At the office


“Now how did you get in there?” my person asks, pulling me out of the backpack .

I end up on the bed in the spare bedroom next to a bunch of clothes.

“Look who’s here!  My person exclaims as a second ‘two legged’ enters the room.  “Somehow he got into the backpack.  Should we take him with us?”

“Sure, but I’m not sure Nilla won’t mind, we’ll have to introduce them.”

“Who’s Nilla, another orange mouse?” I wonder.

Then in short notice you end up on the bed next to me.

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