Chapter 6: Aruba

In December 2017 yet another warm get away, this time to Aruba.  We had a brief visit to the island on April 6th earlier this year while cruising on the Adventure of the Seas.  Three weeks in Aruba with the hope of finding a reasonable apartment to rent for three months next winter.


Now this is much better than being stuffed into the carry on under the seat.  Make sure you read the safety information and keep in mind the closest exit may be behind you!


Beverage service.  Wow.  Important to hydrate!



La Cabana hasn’t changed much since April, and Rose is glad to see us.



Because we’re here for an three-week stay we have fun exploring Oranjestad shopping and having fun with the blue horses.  The eight blue horses are a tribute to Paarden Baai, Horses Bay, and the contribution of the horse to the European-Aruban trade.  The horses were brought from Europe and once anchored off shore, had to jump from the ship’s deck and swim ashore. The horses represent strengths – Nobility, Grace, Freedom and Beauty.  Nilla wants to be a ‘horse whisperer’.


Shopping is boring but Nilla loves to look at ‘bling’!

Hanging out poolside might be dangerous.  An iguana checks us out as if considering a snack.  Things are safer down at the beach!

Grocery shopping and making new friends with the staff and security.


Three weeks pass by quickly and Christmas approaches.  Looks as though the retirement budget will not support the expense an extended stay in Aruba next winter.  The guardians will have to explore alternatives.

Time to return home and share this adventures with the other at home.   The airport is decorated for the holidays, we fit right in!


Back home and debriefing with the others.  Jackson really wants to get back to the office and catch up on things there.  Looking forward to the next adventure, wherever that may be!



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