Chapter 7: Retirement

April 30th, 2018 is quickly upon us.  The word ‘retirement’ is a misnomer – at least it should be defined as an individual creative process with unpredictable adventures.  Jackson learns that he will be leaving the office soon and is really worried that he will return to boredom.

His office departure is stressful.  Shared tears and hugs; songs and chants fill the afternoon.  So many memories, so honored to have been a part of the community mission.

Jackson reminds all that “a person is a person, no matter how small”!

Into the backpack for the last time.  Jackson looks forward to seeing Nilla again and continues to hope that he will be able to travel with her very soon.

Once home he hopes that he won’t have to hang out the bears.  “I don’t have much in common with them.”

Much to his delight he is not united with Nilla but introduced to a new space!  “Looks like a little office!  A printer/fax machine, lots of paper and even a filing cabinet!  This might not be so bad after all!  And wow, other fuzzy creatures atop the filing cabinet – time to meet new friends!”



Great company and fantastic stories!

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