Chapter Nine: Getting There – 12/09/2018

A reasonable morning start.  Nilla and I are glad that this day has finally arrived.  Traffic to Logan is reasonably light, it is Sunday after all.  Check in at  jetBlue goes smoothly as well as the security process – the Ts have Pre-Check.

A little breakfast at Legal Seafood is pleasant, the Ts have some wake-up juice (they call it coffee) along with the fairly healthy breakfast selection.

“Jackson, we have our own seat!”

“Safety first Nilla, read the important safety instructions and get settled in.  They can’t close the cabin door until everyone is seated.”


“Let’s watch a movie.  Looks like there are lots of choices.”

“I thought you were going to take a nap, isn’t that what little bears do?”

“Come on!  How often do we get a chance to choose our own movie?  We always have to watch what the Ts select and lately it’s been the Hallmark Channel – mushy stuff!  Let’s watch Christopher Robin, the summary sounds like an adventure film.”

“Adventure film?!  You just want to watch it because it’s about a bear.”

“There are other creatures in it too.  If you don’t like it you can take a nap!”

“So, what did you think?  I noticed you didn’t doze off.”

“Not bad.  I liked Tigger the best.  I’m sure you were enthralled with Pooh, a bit over-rated and clueless at times”

“Well it was a happy ending, and it was an adventure, like us and our travels, don’t you think?’

“Oh Nilla, it’s time for a nap.”

“Hey, we’re landing.”

Immigration form and process, baggage claim and taxi ride – all accomplished in about forty minutes.

Arrival at La Cabana.  Blue ID bands for the Ts – we don’t need any – can’t charge anything to our room and the Ts will be with us, so it doesn’t matter.  Room 206B – nice view of the pool area and best of all, it’s warm!  No iguanas insight.

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