Chapter 10: Aruba 12/10/2018

Leisurely start to the day.  Some additional organizing.

When the Ts head out to the Super Food for grocery shopping Nilla and I read the resort literature and review bargain offers, tour options.


“The Ts, having been in Aruba several times and enjoyed various tours in the past probably won’t arrange any excursions this trip – maybe next time.”

The short cut though the back of La Cabana is more direct this year due to new low-rise construction, making it easier and even shorter lugging back purchases


Super Food is busy as always – even on a Monday.  Breakfast at Jack’s Cafe at Super Food is a bargain.  Everything else is pricey.  A quarter for the shopping cart – once returned, so is the quarter.  No grocery bags are provided – bring your own or purchase one for 6.79 florins (AWG) also called guilders.  No plastic bags in Aruba for about two years now.

Time to store the groceries and relax a bit before going down to the pool to see if Rose is there.

It’s busy at the pool but not over-crowded.  Rose is happy to see us!  Jander shows up shortly as well.


About four o’clock the band sets up.

“They’re good, Nilla!”  I wish we could join them – they’re performing some of our favorite ‘oldies but goodies’!”

“Why can’t we join them – we’ll just sit right down on one of the amplifiers.”


“They love us Nilla!!”


“That was so much fun! they’ll be back on Thursday – maybe we can do it again!”

Time for some dinner and early to bed, need to get up in the morning and get a good spot on the beach under a palapa.

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