Chapter 11 – Aruba 12/11/2018

“What’s for breakfast Nillla?”

“Healthy stuff for the most part!”

That looks good!

Off to the beach – the Ts have found a fine spot to enjoy sun and sand.

“My it’s windy today on Eagle Beach, don’t you think so Nilla?”

“Certainly and the palapa isn’t a wind breaker either!”

IMG_3154Don’t want to spend too much time here – could fade while the Ts burn.

A little walk would be good this late afternoon.  Venturing down to the high-rise area would be reasonable.

“Nilla, look at that! How romantic! A wedding on the beach with a few close friends and relatives.  Her gown is gorgeous!”

“Hope they live happily ever after!”

“Amen!  Let’s just walk quietly by while we wish them well!’

“So much construction Nilla – Embassy Suites is going in near the high-rises.  And the road being paved along here too.  What horrible tar smell.  Hold your breath.”

“The divi trees are so independent with branches going wherever they want too and then propped up so they won’t fall over.  Let’s check one out.”

“Jackson, your big ears will act as sails in this wind and I don’t want to fall over with you.  Be careful!”



“We finally made it to Carlitos”.  Quiet for 6:30 PM, but no football games and the beach is pretty much empty.”

IMG_3156“Let’s get a snack.  Remember those wings were rather yummy.”

“But not healthy!”

“We’ll be eating a lot of fish in Ecuador, what’s a few wings now?”

IMG_3158“We love Aruba.  What do you think Ecuador will be like?”

“Don’t know Nilla.  I think we should read about it in the next couple of days though.”

“What if we don’t like it?  Three months is a long time!”

“It will be different for sure.  We’ll have to make some adjustments, but we’ll be fine.!”

“Just think about all the things to blog about!”

“Russel sent cell phone numbers for both Amarita and Dina this afteroon and they are expecting a call.  Amarita will be assisting us at the house and advising us while Dina will be our chauffeur for the Manta and Portoviejo trips.  The Ts are hoping she’ll meet us at the airport and take them to the hotel where we’ll spend the night in Manta and then we’ll travel to Crucita in daylight.”

“Jackson, look at those people all dressed up, they’re coming into Carlitos.  Look at the flower bouquets.  I think it’s another wedding party.”

“I think you’re right.”

“Gabriel and Tiffany got married on the beach.  I wonder how many beach side weddings in one week.”

“Don’t know.  They want us to have cake, but I’m stuffed, what about you Nilla?”

“You can’t say ‘no’, that would be rude, besides it’s chocolate!”

“So much for your ‘healthy’ kick’!


“Look at that knife!”  What a slice!”

“Bus ride back to La Cabana for sure!”

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