Chapter 13 – Aruba 12/13/2018

“Nilla, while the Ts are down on the beach, I think it’s time to read up on Ecuador”

“It’s a good thing that one of the Ts speaks Spanish.  From what this guidebook says, in the smaller towns, no one may speak English.”

“How do you know that one of them speaks Spanish?  All I’ve heard is one of them practicing Spanish on the free app, Duolingo!”

“Nilla, I know because of conversations I overheard when I was in the office.  I would have thought you would know because of all the other trips you’ve taken with them before you and I met.”

Early afternoon the Ts return from the beach for a little lunch and take the opportunity to call Amarita and Dina.  After installing the WhatsApp to the cellphones and adding both to the contact list, calls and text messages are exchanged without charge.  Texting in Spanish from a English-correcting phone is challenging.

Dina has arranged transportation from the airport to the hotel and then on Monday, December 17th, from the hotel to Crucita where Amarita will meet us with the key and introduce us to the property.

“I’m glad the transportation service is already arranged, aren’t you Jackson?”

“Definitely!  Now back to reading if we’re ever going to finish this book.”

“Can’t we just read the part about the coast?”

“Nilla, really? We need to get a sense of the entire country.”

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