Chapter 14 – Aruba 12/14/2018

“Oh boy Nilla, we’re going to the beach!”

“Looks cloudy to me Jackson, it might rain.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll be sitting under the palapa and won’t get wet as along as we get there before it rains.”

“Don’t you think we should stay in the room and read about Ecuador?”

“So now you’re all excited and want to read the guide!?”

“It is an adventure after all.”

“Sure enough Jackson, it’s raining, got too get under the palapa!”

“It’s just a sprinkle, get settled and we’ll read the next guidebook chapter.”

“Are we going to go to Quito?”

“Not that I know of – if we return to Ecuador we might though.”

“As I explained before, it is important to have an overall general knowledge of the country.  The book describes Ecuador as – ‘Sandy beaches, snowy volcanoes, Amazon rain forests, the Galapagos Islands….Ecuador’s vivid diversity is one of its greatest attractions’.  We won’t see the rain forests or travel along the Avenue of Volcanoes, but we certainly will enjoy the beach and even travel to the Galapagos – I heard the Ts talk about that.”

“Ready to turn the page yet?”

“Oh yes, this is a real book, not like that Nook thing.”

“We’ve been on the beach for a while – it’s time to head up to the room, don’t want to fade too much – early aging you know.”

“Look at that Jackson, looks like a photo opportunity to me!”

“Who’s Rudy?”

“Don’t know but look at ‘Huggy Bear’ – a relative?  Notice there’s no mention of ‘Huggy Mouse’.  Ha Ha!”


Another quiet day in Aruba.  Waiting for and looking forward to the Ecuadorian experience.


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