Chapter 15 – Aruba 12/15/2018

“Tomorrow is the big travel day Jackson.Do you think we’ll be safe?”

“According to Numbeo, the world’s largest user contributed database providing up-to-date data about cities and towns worldwide, in the beginning of 2018 the United States ranked 36th and Ecuador 39th and, more recently this year, the United States ranked 47th and Ecuador 42nd – the higher the rank, the higher the safety level.”

“So, I’m sure that it’s important to use common sense and be aware of your surroundings.”

“That’s exactly right Nilla.  Just like when we’ve traveled anywhere before.  Look what happens back at home, in Lowell and even small towns like Methuen!”

“I imagine crime is greater in the major cities such as Quito, the capital, and Guayquil, the largest port.  Ecuador wants tourism – there is even a long-term tourism project along the southern coast the locals call ‘Balsamaragua’.  If there were a major crime problem, people wouldn’t want to come visit.  We’ll be staying in Crucita, 25 miles from Manta and 17 miles from the province capital of Portoviejo.  Crucita is the most visited beach destination in Ecuador.  There are ongoing improvements in the infrastructure – four lane highway and more reliable internet and cable TV, essential for visitors.”


“Looks like it might be a busy day in Oranjestad, there’s a cruise ship coming in, so beautiful from a distance.”

“And romantic!”

“Not necessarily from an infectious disease perspective.  Closed community, great opportunity for a bacterial or viral outbreak.”

“That’s why we wash our paws (hands).!”

“Back to reading Nilla – we’ve got to get to the chapter about the coast!”

IMG_3185“We’ll finish this chapter while the Ts are down relaxing at the pool.”

Ts, back from the pool, and time to go to the business center to check in for our flights tomorrow.


“This is great, almost as good as being back at the office.”!



“Nilla, stop monkeying around at the terminal, this is important stuff!”

“Oh, Jackson, you and the computer!”

“Have you bothered to notice all the Christmas decorations?”


“Of course I have!”

“The ones in the lobby are really wonderful and guess what, no SNOW.”


“Enough with the pictures, time for lunch.”

Ohhh, what’s this I hear, we’re going to the pool!!  The iguanas, oh no!”

Chill Jackson.  Don’t you remember the sign?


“But I’ve still seen them crawling about poolside.”


“The Ts will keep us safe I’m sure.”

SP 50 – special protection, anit-fade cream and, hydration

“Our last day here.”

“We’ll probably return, si Dios quiere.”

“You practicing your Spanish Jackson?”

“What better time to do it?  That Duolingo lesson stuff is paying off.”

Rose and Jander, the best!

“Italiano tonight?”

“Si amore.”




Back to La Cabana.  Laundry, repacking.  Anticipation and excitement.


“The message for us this evening – ‘chill'”!

A little karaoke and then off to bed.


Good night La Cabana – we leave you tomorrow – a big day awaits!

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