La Bella Crucita – 12/20/2018

A quiet drizzle this morning with drops falling nearly silently from the railings outside.  Perhaps today we’ll have a new air conditioning unit and determine what happened with the laundry unit.

The usual breakfast except sauteed mushrooms and onions added to the plate.  Quien no sabe, the crab, is outside.

“I wish he’d give us a chance to get to know him and he us, don’t you Jackson?”

“Oh, but then you’d have to change his name, Nilla.”

Just about 10:30 AM and Kleber  confirms that the unit has arrived and will stop by around 11:00!  We hope the installation and repairs to la maquina won’t take long.  The drizzle has stopped weather conducive for another adventure once Kleber finishes his work in the house.  Perhaps up to Portoviejo Road, the same road we’d take in case of a tsunami.

Kleber has been called away on an emergency and sends a co-worker to install the new air conditioner unit and look at the washer/dryer.  The new air conditioner requires a bit of banging and some tape.  The compressor on the roof is an easy replacement.  La maquina is another issue and in order to reproduce the overflowing event, has to run an entire cycle.  Of course, the ‘bad behavior’ is not reproducible – yet.

After 2:00.  Plans change, and instead we head out to Fremas.

“Nilla, it’s closed and it’s almost 3:00!”

“Yes, I’ve noticed that things aren’t open when they’re closed Jackson.”

“No Nilla, things are closed when they’re not open!”

“That’s not the same thing.”

“Lets go down the malecon toward the south.  We haven’t explored that direction much.”

“We’ll go walk down, get a bite to eat and walk back and maybe by then Fremas will be open.”

“That’s a reasonable thought Nilla.”

“Hey, look at that, a certificate of occupancy, issued in June after the earthquake in 2016.  It says that it’s safe to occupy the premises after passing both an interior and exterior inspection.  I wonder why the building is still closed up?”


“Don’t know Nilla.”

“But look over there, isn’t that a cute snowman?”


“That’s what I call creative recycling Jackson!”

A delicious lunch at Las Alas Delta and a walk back to Fremas, which is still closed.

Back to Ramblas.  Our new friends, Brian and Jim come in too.  Jeff offers us some sweet crackers and we sit and chat.

“Look at that sunset Nilla, isn’t it beautiful?”

“It really is, Jackson.”

Time to go back to Las Dunas and relax for an hour or so before going to bed.

“Tonight we’ll have air conditioning!’

“What a cool thought Jackson. It’s been a challenging beginning here in Crucita, but things are getting better and the people are so nice.”

“Nilla, where are you?”

“I’m right here.  Where are you?”

“Over here.  We’ve lost power!”

“Where’s the flash light we bought at the HiperMarket the other day?”

“Over on the kitchen counter, by the Advent calendar.”

“Got it!”

“Does this mean no air conditioning?”

“No air conditioning, no internet, no water, no lights, no security cameras, no blogging, no nada.”

“Numero tres!”

“Trace what Nilla?”

“No, tres, as in, ‘uno, dos y tres’, you know, number three.”


Power restored at 9:45 PM.

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