La Bella Crucita – 12/23/2018

“Look Nilla they’re putting up the little beach tents, must mean a calmer surf.  Now maybe we’ll see how busy it gets.”

Posted rates for beach tents and chairs.

“Then again, maybe not.  Last two days before Christmas and people may be out shopping.  Not much shopping here – they’ll be in Portoviejo or Manta for sure.”

Scrambled eggs, prosciutto, toast, mango, queso de mesa and cafe con leche – pretty balanced and healthy breakfast.  Enough energy until this evening – chicken, broccoli and rice on the menu.  Food safety require forethought and preparation.

“‘Quien No Sabe’ has a friend Nilla.  What are you going to name this little creature.”

“Could call him ‘Tonto’

Little lizard near the coco, thinks he is invisible.

It’s hot.  The beach is a definite consideration after finishing a washer load of towels – cold water only of course! WiFi iffy since power outage.

Most of the homes here have cisterns to help with water pressure, our rental doesn’t and water pressure does become an issue.


A walk down the beach, the tide seems to be coming in and the surf is pounding.  No little tents are remaining.


The lifeguard is patrolling the beach and warning of the rising tide and crashing serf.  While the significant high tides are known to occur at least twice a year, these conditions are more dangerous, with search and rescue personnel on hand as well as the fire department.



Primo II is moderately busy.  Good place to stop and have a Club Verde and a Guitig.

Note the sandy floor.


An evening stroll after dinner.  The malecon has once again become one with the beach.  Sand reaches the sidewalks, the road with ruts created with the wet sand deposits.  Did someone say this would continue to happen until 12/26/2018?



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