La Bella Crucita – 12/24/2018

“Well Nilla, it’s December 24th!  We haven’t even decorated the tree yet.”

“Jackson, where will we hang the stockings?  There’s no chimney in Crucita.”

“We’ll figure it out I’m sure.”


“But we’ve been here a week now and things are falling into place.  We even ate dinner  last night.”

“The Ts are going out to Fremas to pick up some things for tonight and tomorrow.  They’re not sure if they will have guests over or not, but better to be prepared.”

The malecon from one end to the other is covered with sand, AGAIN!  The police, the military and sanitation engineers are out cleaning the road, AGAIN, and those in charge of transito are detouring traffic including the buses!


Plowing sand

Some say this is an annual event, happening about this time, while others say this is extraordinary.  Even Rimini has sand swept inside along with seawater up to the bar, mid restaurant.


Side streets too are impacted.


Things need to be cleared by La Noche Buena, the Good Night.  Pesimistas say it will all happen once again this evening.  A female firefighter standing on the sidewalk, surveying the surge, expects it to happen this evening as well.

Frigate birds, pelicans and sandpipers enjoy the beach.  Not a sign of a seagull for the past week.  Are they even here?

Along Portoviejo road is the church, Chinese restaurant and not too far beyond, the bank and the ATM.  The bank is closed.

At the end of Portoviejo Road and up the hill is the parasailing launch site.


The view from the hill, a is spectacular!

Band aids?  Sold as singles – $0.05 for ten at the farmacia on the malecon.

Thirsty?  A stop a Zona Frio Restaurant for refreshment and fish soup.


“Time to decorate the tree., the palm tree Jackson.”

“I can’t wait to see what it looks like in the dark.”


“Nilla, let’s hang the stockings by the stairs, what do you think?”


“Seems like a reasonable thought Jackson.”

As dinner time approaches the sea is once again crashing over the malecon in a formidable display of power.  Word has it that these conditions will prevail until 12/27/18, until then there is no real appreciation of Crucita beach, nor its weekend visitors.

The evening stroll is once again an obstacle course around debris of all sizes.

“Jackson, let’s get in the Christmas mood with Irving Berlin’s ‘White Christmas’ before going to bed.”

“Splendid idea Nilla.”


….and to all a good night!

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