La Bella Crucita – Tuesday 12/25/2018 – Christmas

“Jackson, what a gorgeous day, birds chirping as though they are singing their own Christmas carols.”

“Do you think we have any gifts in our stockings?”

“Look Nilla, we have lots of gifts stuffed in the stockings!”


“Let’s go and find out what they could be!

I have ‘respect’, ‘determination’, ‘love’, ‘charity’, ‘dedication’, ‘courage’ and ‘Spanish lessons’.”

“I have that one too!  Practical while in Crucita don’t you think?”

“What other gifts did you receive Jackson?”

“‘Imagination”, ‘kindness’, ‘wisdom’, ‘hope’, ‘curiosity’ and ‘patience’.”

“Wow Jackson, these are our gifts to share.  Isn’t that what Christmas is about?”

“You’re right Nilla.  I want to give you the gift of joy too!”

“Ahhhh, Jackson, seems that ‘wisdom’ becomes you!”

“Joy to the world!”

The Ts are going for their morning walk, this time beyond the end of the Malecon picking up shells and admiring smooth stones tossed ashore.  The tents are out along the higher edge of the beach, the lifeguard is making sure people are safe, still a concern with high tide.


Clean-up resumes yet again because of the aguajote. The Pacific is determined to make the beach and the Malecon one.

Where does all the scooped up sand go? Hmmm.

A sculptor is also sifting through the ocean tossed debris, looking for objects to be used in his art work.  He appreciates the gift of a smooth, nearly symmetrical  heart-shaped stone, acknowledges that it is a message from the sea that he intents to share in a sculpture.  Another stone appears to be a bird settled down on the sand.

Gifts from the sea.

At the Rimini Restaurant a couple sits at a front table looking out towards the ocean and are celebrating her birthday.  Other groups arrive some with the matriarch of the family, coming out for the Christmas Day meal after celebrating Christmas Eve.

Jesus is in the manger, the creche still protected with sand bags.

As the day progresses the sidewalks and the streets become more crowded.  People, cars and trimotos negotiate around sand piles, other pedestrians, dogs and vendors. The viuda, the widow, is asking for donations to bury her husband the old year, 2018.  Dressed in mourning attire and accompanied by a figure, a monster-like creature, dressed as father time, they ask for alms for the soon to be deceased.

Late afternoon somewhat traditional ham dinner followed by the evening stroll.  Another gorgeous sunset.  There is still quite a bit of activity as the waves roll in onto the malecon in its determination.



























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