La Bella Crucita – Wednesday, 12/26/2018

A rainy start to the day.  While there are lots of bugs, no scorpions, snakes or nasty looking spiders spotted thus far.  That being said, it is always wise to shake out shoes or clothing left lying about, just in case.

The morning song is beautiful to listen to despite the drizzle. A number of Saffron finches enjoy sitting at the window or on the wires nearby.


Leftover ham on the menu for breakfast, queso and cafe con leche.

Ecuador is trying to be eco-conscious overall but in the smaller towns it is difficult to participate in a recycling program.  In 2007 Ecuador’s president convened a group of elected officials to begin work on drafting a new constitution.  (Some of these meetings took place in Monticristi, not far from Crucita.  Monticristi is home to the famous Panama hat, more about that later.)  The effort was assisted by the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund.  The constitution, Ecuador’s twentieth, was approved by the electorate in September 2008.  This constitution was the first in the world to recognize legally enforceable Rights of Nature, or ecosystem and prohibits the extraction of non-renewable resources in protected areas.  It is also one of the first constitutions that recognizes the right to food, “Food Sovereignty”.

Milk in cartons, not requiring refrigeration until after opening. Instructions for recycling on the side.

Communication is important and WiFi being problematic and especially an issue when out and about, a secondary form is advisable.

“Nilla check out these walkie-talkies.”


“Jackson, you absolutely think of very thing!  Great in case of emergency!”

“Looks like the Pacific is behaving close to normal.  Think it’s time for a stroll on the beach, our first real stroll since arriving on 12/17/2018!”

“I was beginning to wonder if we’d be able to before next year!”

In the afternoon, still cleaning up the Malecon.

Lots of broken shells on the beach, smooth from being tumbled in the Pacific.

Dorado for ‘lupper’ at Rimini – delicious and filing.

“Jackson, lets go to Ramblas and talk with Jeff, hear he’s having problems with his cell phone, maybe you can help him out.  Besides, we need the evening stroll.”

Ramblas, like Rimini, has a limited fish selection because of the rough seas and small fishing boats being unable to go and safely fish. The astrological high tides has had a significant economical impact on Crucita, not only the restaurants and shops but also the fishermen.  Extra patrols assuring public safety and additional support from the public works department in Portoviejo is also costly.

“Jeff doesn’t like to smile because of his braces, even when we ask him to Nilla.”

“He has a very nice smile even with the braces.”

A cat stops by Ramblas Sushi Restaurant and Bar.  Friendly, hungry and thristy.  Enjoys attention.

“Let’s name it Humo, Smoke. What do you think Jackson?”


Another beautiful sunset!



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