La Bella Crucita – Friday 12/28/2018

Bright and sunny day.  The morning beach walk not nearly as exciting as yesterday afternoon’s.

A morning catch is on display awaiting purchase.


In the direction of the intersection of malecon and ‘veinticinco’, the carniceria is open.  Reasonable prices.

A few paper mache heads hang, waiting to be purchased for the traditional burning of the old man.  Larger figures are appearing in vehicle, almost as passengers, and others displayed in front of business.

These hollow figures will be filled with fireworks and set to flame at midnight after reading of the old man’s will and testament.

Trays of bread products await the oven at the corner bakery.

Fresh produce across the street.  Why wait for the open market tomorrow morning?

Three large cucumbers, three avocados, five bell green peppers, six carrots, six tomatoes and a head of broccoli (all organically grown) for $5.50.  Too heavy to carry back to Las Dunas, a trimoto ride to the gate.

Antibacterial produce process is not unlike washing clothes: wash/soak cycle, rinse cycle and dry prior to refrigeration.

The afternoon stroll down towards the pier at low tide.  Unlike yesterday’s find of a large sand dollar piece, today’s stroll yielded two coin ‘sand dollars’, U.S., one covered in tar, evidence of its submersion in the sea for at least several days, perhaps longer.

Wonderful salad and then of to La Tierra.  Ex-pats gathering on Fridays – very informal.

“Nilla, what do you think of this place?”

“I’m hoping that Tina will bring this bird-like stone to life.”


“David will put her to the challenge I’m sure.”

“What a wonderful breeze and relaxing atmosphere.”

The two of us with the owner, Julio.

“Nothing better, especially since it’s snowing up north!


“Do you think there is any fresh fish at Las Ramblas?”

“Maybe, we could stop by and say ‘hello’ to Jeff at least.”

‘It’s after dark, we’ve been warned about walking about after dark.”

“Use your senses and travel together, Jim is going with us too.”

“No tuna yet….?

“No”, Jeff answers, “But we do have salmon.”

“Sounds good to us”.


The two of us with Jeff.

“How about a photo shoot Nilla.”

“Why not Jeff?”


“You know Jeff, these will be on our blog.”

“Time to say good night Nilla.”

“Good night Jeff.”

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