La Bella Crucita – Saturday 12/29/2018

A cloudy humid start to the day, very little breeze.  A little rain in the forecast this afternoon.  On the agenda today: laundry and a visit to Fremas.  The good thing about Fremas is the distance from Las Dunas, just far enough for a good walk and near enough to replenish supplies.  The store doesn’t have everything and prices might be a little higher than in the big supermercados, and while the selection limited the essentials are available.

For the first time in nearly a week and a half the beach flag is YELLOW!  If it weren’t cloudy it would be a spectacular beach day.

“Nilla, remember the little puppy that tried to follow us home from Las Ramblas last night?”

“She was so cute despite the burrs and fleas.  Seems as though there are so many stray dogs.”

“These canines manage to mingle along the sidewalks and in the roadways and somehow avoid injury despite the busy traffic.”

“They’re social, scrounging around for food, roughing it up with other dogs, or enjoying the warmth in a shady spot.  They are not aggressive with pedestrians or chase after cars, tricimotos or buses either Jackson.”

“Just like the puppy last night, many have fleas and skin conditions including mange and none are overweight.”


“Where do you suppose they go at night?”

“I’m not certain, do they have owners?  I think most do.  If so it seems as though the owners allow the dogs to roam the streets during the day and the animals return home at night to act in some cases as household protection.”

“Hasn’t anyone thought about sterilization, not just surgical but possibly the alternative chemical sterilization for the males?  Could or should such a program become part of the overall long-term tourism project?  Should we suggest it Jackson?”

“I’ve heard that there are ‘Brigadas Medicas’  in Ecuador that provide access to neutering and vaccination services  free or at a reasonable cost, the service provided by professional veterinarians but in some locales there is a six month wait for an appointment.  There is also a Proteccion Animal Ecuador and under the constitution animals have rights – abuse can be reported anonymously.”

“Isn’t allowing your pet to have the mange a form of abuse Jackson?”

“One would think so.”

“It’s sad.  We haven’t seen many stray cats, just a couple like the one that stopped by Las Ramblas the other night.  Maybe it’s just that we’re not looking for them.”

“Brian seems to collect the felines, he’s up to twelve at least that’s what he said last night.”

“Nice to know that someone cares.”

Las Ramblas has tuna – Sashimi after the early afternoon salad break.

“Looks as though more folks are preparing for New Years Eve.  More figures are appearing – all shapes, sizes and characters.”


“Seems as though people have deviated from the traditional old man made of torn clothing stuffed with straw or crumpled newspaper with faces fashioned from any handy material placed on display almost in competition.  Now it seems it isn’t the old man with a last will and testament but just a figure representing the old year, stuffed with fire works and explosively burned at midnight – forget the will.”

“And Nilla, here come the soon to be  ‘widows’.”

“Aren’t those guys Jackson.”

“Highly suspicious.”

“I don’t want to be on the beach New Years Eve, seems it would be a bit dangerous.”

“You may be right Nilla.”

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