La Bella Crucita – Sunday 12/30/2018

Partially sunny skies today.

“Jackson, did you hear all that noise last night?”

“Fireworks almost outside our door, near the volleyball court.  There’ll be more of that tomorrow night for sure. Do we have any plans for today Nilla?”

“No specific plans.  Was thinking a bit of avocado, tomato, onion and green pepper would make a tasty salad for this afternoon.”

“Amarita said she was going to spray for bugs sometime today, but we don’t need to be here for that.”

“You, know, overall this is a very pleasant community – each home with a different design, not ‘cookie cutter’ units like some in the United States. With a pool, volleyball and tennis courts.  Even pet friendly!”

“What I don’t understand though, is the sign on the gate, and I’ve seen similar signs on other gated condominium communities.”



“From my understanding, some owners don’t pay their condo fees.”

“Really?  Isn’t there a law or something?”

“Well, as of May 21st in 2015 a new reform was added to the Condominium Act. This is significant as Ecuador has been experiencing tremendous growth over the past several years and these changes create a more secure real estate investment.”

“How does that help with the condo fee problem Jackson?”

“One essential provision of the reform pertains to the ‘Preliminary Administration Authorization’ (PAA). Before purchasing a condominium unit, one must make sure that the seller has a PAA, which is issued by the Municipality.  The PAA can only be obtained once the seller has proven that he/she is the actual owner of the property and secondly furnishes a detailed plan of the condo complex.  The reform also details laws for building plans, deeds, etc.”

“Sounds complicated, I’d want an attorney to make sure that the documents were in order.  But that still doesn’t help with the unpaid fees.”

“Yes, the legal system is complex and obtaining a lawyer who is knowledgeable is advised prior to any such transaction. As far as the fee is concerned, under general provisions, the administration of the complex, AKA management or board of directors, can prevent the transfer of a unit if the HOA/condo fees are not current.”

“Why need the signs then.”

“Perhaps the boards don’t or aren’t really able to effectively enforce the requirement without incurring costs in additional to the owed debt.”

“Buyer beware, as they say.  Did you just see what I saw?”

“What Nilla?”

“A man carrying a gigantic New Years Eve character!”

“Like I said, it’s going to be quite the night tomorrow!”

Mid afternoon stroll down the malecon.  Cars parked on both sides of the road, people enjoying the beach (yellow flags flying again today), vendors up and down the street, food carts and some smaller stationary food venues on the sidewalk – it is very busy this afternoon.  More ‘munecas’ are on display as well.


A different form of parapentismo – off the beach rather than la loma. ‘Lifting of is a breeze’, literally!


The Alaska Restaurant is not busy.  Cerviche de camarones delicious and filling.  More soon to be viuda groups asking for alms.


The parasailing boat and the raft towing boat are in for the day and create a traffic jam.  Horns join the cacophony!


Day trippers are packing up as the day draws to a close.

Enjoying music on the balcony is the perfect ending to another marvelous day!

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