La Bella Crucita – Tuesday, January 1st, 2019!

“What a night Jackson!  Did we have fun or what!”

“My ears haven’t recovered from the noise yet!”

I can understand that, they’re so big!”

So what about those new year’s resolutions Nilla?”

“One of mine was to be more attentive to history and science, an easy resolution since you seem to be a history buff.  Another resolution was to not make fun of you and your ears.”

“Well, you already broke that one – cross it off the list, I can handle your humor. So how about a little science Nilla.

“So, in the Northern hemisphere the toilet flushes counterclockwise and in the Southern hemisphere the toilet flushes clockwise, so they say, or does it really?”

“Sylvester Stallone as Breslin in the movie Escape Plan thinks so!” Trapped aboard a prison ship and uncertain of the ships location he flushed the toilet. The swirl was counterclockwise, thus he determined the location to be in the Northern hemisphere placing the ship off the coast of Morocco.  His fellow prisoners were very impressed.  It must be true Nilla.”

“We’re south of the equator, right? So according to you and mister Stallone, the toilet should flush clockwise.”

“That’s correct.”

Let’s take a look.”

Ha, counterclockwise!!!!!!

“I really enjoy it when you’re wrong Jackson, you should let mister Stallone know too! It’s the Coriolis effect, the toilet is more powerful than the rotation of the earth – but the direction in which the water enters the bowl and its shape also effects the swirl  direction.”

“Maybe he should have relied on the water in the sink?”


“Can’t really tell Jackson.”  And now realize as nonsense the Simpson’s episode in Australia – the bit about the U.S. embassy putting something in the toilet so it would flush the same way toilets flush in the States.  But a bit of trivia for you as well – did you know that the line at the Monumento a la Mitad del Mundo is not really the actual equator?  The site is really a couple of meters down the road – proven by GPS technology.”

“So much for all those folks that thought they were straddling the Northern and Southern hemispheres, oops!”

“Also, on March 21st and September 21st with the sun directly overhead, there are no shadows.”

“Enough science for you Jackson?”

“Sure – what are we doing this first day of 2019″”

“The Ts are giving a guided tour of essential spots in Crucita for a friend that just arrived earlier today.  That leave us here, perhaps considering what informative theme for the blog tomorrow?”

“I already have an idea based on our beach trip the other day.”

“Okay, then lets chat about that while they’re out.”

First meal for the newly arrived gringo, langostinos a la plancha at the Alaska Restaurante.  Pretty tasty.  Major important spots besides the preferred restaurants – ATM, church, convenience store, liquor store, police station, pizza place and Las Dunas.

“Seems like a nice person, although we didn’t get a formal introduction.  Maybe later, what do you think Nilla?”

“Seems nice enough.”

The malecon is still busy early evening.  Can’t walk on the sidewalk because of vendors and groups of people just standing around enjoying a beer or two.  The party continues.  Pinchos and pizza slices from the malecon vendors satisfy the appetite.

“Jackson, there are still more fireworks – don’t people have to work tomorrow or is it party all week?”

“Good night Nilla, get some sleep!”


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