La Bella Crucita – Saturday, 01/12/2019

“It’s nearly 11:00 and we haven’t gotten onto the computer to blog – the Ts are using it to make arrangements for the Galapagos trip.”

“It’s clouding up today and we have so much to do, if we’re going to work on the topic of the day.”

“The good thing is that it appears as though we are going to the Galapagos even if it is a bit more expensive.”

“The prices the Ts were finding last night were for Ecuadorians and not extranjeros like us.”

“But you know Nilla, if we don’t go this year, it could be that the prices will be even higher the following year – and not to mention what will happen if or when we return.”

“Like they say Jackson, ‘it’s now or never.'”

“Let’s go for it Jackson!”

“I don’t know about the never part but we’re here and we should take advantage of the situation, it’s the wise thing to do.  So what are the possibilities for today’s topic?”

“I’m not sure.  I was thinking about the tagua nut carving but also I have been noticing what we haven’t seen – many ads for Coke and none for Pepsi – and I wonder what that’s all about.”

“Well, let’s take a walk up to the fish vendors and try once again for the fresh shrimp Nilla, you had said you wanted to try to bake it this time.”

“Jackson, look at that!  Lots of fresh shrimp.  They say they have it every weekend.  Not a bad price either $3.50 a pound HOSO.  Let’s get a pound and a half, I’ll whip up some spicy dipping sauce even if we don’t have horseradish and serve with rice.  We need to stop back at Las Dunas and put them in the refrigerator.”

“Sounds great Nilla – that’s for tomorrow right?”

“I’ll get up in the morning a do the prep work.  The Ts were talking about going up the hill to the restaurant there late morning so this would be a late afternoon early evening meal.”

“Hope it’s not too noisy tonight.”

“We haven’t heard from Aventurero today, the cleaning lady was supposed to come.  We’ll have to see if we can catch up later.  The Ts have to discuss the arrangements for the Galapagos trip anyway.”

“The flowers are so beautiful, things are really greening up around here with the rain showers.”

“Jackson, do you see that!!”

“Today is so exciting – we don’t even have to think of a subject for the blog – things are just happening, first the shrimp and now this.”

“What are you talking about Nilla?”

“Look it’s the mobile sterilization project we blogged about, they’re right here in Crucita and they are offering services to both dogs and cats!”

“It’s absolutely WOW  Nilla, and we get to check it out.  Looks like they’ll be performing sterilization on a small female cat.”

“She’s so cute, she doesn’t need to be a mother.”

“Let’s go, I don’t want to watch.”

“The tagua vendors are selling their wares this afternoon but that’s for another time, don’t you agree Jackson.”


“But I see a marimba – not a real marimba but a miniature – typically something you’d see along the northern coast and not here.”


“Not a priority now Nilla.  Time for ‘lupper’ and then perhaps catch up with Aventuero.”

“An early night tonight?”

“For sure another busy day tomorrow.  Maybe we should just show pictures of beautiful flowers tomorrow and not try to research a topic.”

“We’ll see, the day is not over yet.”

Another beautiful sunset and hopefully early to be and a quiet night!

“Lots to do tomorrow Jackson – I have to prepare the shrimp in the morning and otherwise, who’s to tell.”

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