La Bella Crucita – Monday, 01/14/2019

“Cloudy day, good time for some research and planning the menu for this Sunday’s play-off games.  Aventurero will be joining us.  Could do the shrimp again or could do some baked stuffed potatoes with a side salad.”

“I’m leaving both up to you.  What are you going to research?  We already have a couple of topics ready to post.”

“Thought I’d check out those moths.  Maybe I can ask Aventurero to take a picture of the ones outside his residence to help with the identification.”

“It’s strange that we don’t seem to have any at Las Dunas.”

“The wing span is about 5 inches and they’re brown with what appears to be ‘eyes’ on the wing, it could be a giant silk moth, we have them in Massachusetts, but those I think have more colorful ‘eyes’ on the wings.”


“These really don’t seem to have much color Nilla.”

“If they are the giant silk moth, a saturniid, the moth lives just s few days, they don’t eat.  The main purpose at this time is to mate and reproduce, they emit chemical ‘signals’ to one another. They fly at night and rest during the day.”

“Could be that is what they are doing together all around that tree.”

“The males have the thicker antennae. I don’t think this is part of a migration pattern.  I suspect they are emerging from their brown cocoons Jackson.”

“The rainy season is just beginning, could be there were many cocoons around that went unnoticed because they were brown and camouflaged in brown dry leaves and branches.”

“So, perhaps we don’t have them along the beach – they need vegetation for the hungry caterpillars.”

“All of this makes sense Nilla.  Have you been able to confirm this with your research?”

“Not completely.  I’m hoping that the Aventurero will be able to get some good pictures – I want to see if they have ‘eyes’ on their wings.”

Connect with the Aventurero and potatoes, early dinner, bakery and produce shopping – too many errands for Nilla and Jackson this late afternoon. Red flags are flying along the Malecon, warning beach goers of treacherous waves.  Most of the restaurants are closed but at Q+ Copas a group has gathered for some karaoke and beckon us to join them.   No time to stop, onto Rimini.


The food here is delicious as always.

On the way back toward Las Dunas the karaoke crowd at +Q Copas is larger and jokingly persistent in urging the Trio to join in.  After some friendly persuasion, two of the three enjoy some nice music and dancing. The walk to the bakery resumes. The Trio is not disappointed with the array of freshly baked goods.  The produce stand is generous with the limes and wants to toss in an onion or two – not today.  Limes, green peppers and a couple of large potatoes will do.

“Jackson, check out these limes. Very expensive – $1.00 – juicy, juicy, juicy!”

Avoiding the +Q Copas, it’s down ‘Veinticinco’ to Crucita Village, where after some refreshments, the group splits for the evening.  Another nice night.  Washing the produce can wait until tomorrow.

“I hope the Aventurero will get some nice photos of the large moths for me.”

“Enough with the moth thing, leave them to the geckos.”


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