La Bella Crucita – Friday, 01/18/2019

“Nilla, what have you gotten on your left leg?”

“I don’t know.  Maybe all the cooking I’ve been doing.  No problem, I’ll clean up.”

“The weekend is upon us and you know how crazy it will get.”

It is so windy out here Jackson, your ears might make you fly away, no parapentismo for you.”

“Your ears are straight back Jackson.”


“Have you noticed all the Pinguino Ice Cream signs, and promotional items in Crucita?”


“Sure have, how can you miss it!  The Ts tried some a while back and thought it was pretty good – had to eat it quickly because it melts fast.”

“Jackson, what do you know about this ice cream company and frozen snacks in general?”

UniLever Andina Ecuador is the parent company of Pinguino.  In October 1969, wanting to be a part of the developing manufacturing sector of Ecuador’s economy, built factory in Guayaquil, incorporating new technology for the industry and in 2018 was said to dominate the market, especially selling to small independent grocers and restaurants.”

“It sure seems that way in Crucita.  Children and young adults (the Ts the exception) really seem to enjoy it – and that is the target for the typically indulgent, impulsive consumer.”

“‘Enjoy happiness’ even when you throw out the trash Jackson!” “Keeping the beach clean, Nilla.”

“They have provided freezers with the Pinguino logo and large signs to display their product line too.  The company web site seems to want the ice cream to be a part of a ‘happy’ day – ‘happiness is ice cream and the ice cream experience’.”


“You’re so right Nilla.  So, in 2016  Kypross Foods, a European company, with over sixteen years in frozen food industry, and Green Garden with nearly twenty years experience in produce, started to market paila.  Paila is the traditional Ecuadorian ‘ice cream’ – really frozen snack, made from fruit – dairy-free.”

“That’s good news for anyone who is lactose intolerant. Are there any alternatives here in Crucita?”

“Yes, there is.   Sweet Beach, frozen yogurt stand.”


“Are you sure that is a healthier alternative?  They add sugar to those yogurt things sometimes.  And look, what’s offered right along side!”


“What are the Ts doing?”

“A little chocolate and a little vanilla raspberry swirl!”

“Impulsive and indulgent.”

“It’s almost time to head over to Mi Tierra.  Let’s keep walking down along the beach and the cut back at the base of la loma.”

“Look Nilla, they’ve taken apart the boat engine, looks like it needs a new head gasket.  Maybe they can tell us what the black flags on the little fishing boats signifies.”

The black flag indicates that there is a net in the water, cast between two fishing boats and warns other boats to not pass between them.  Far different story than the one about pirates but closer to the one that claimed the flag as a means to identify fishing boats working as a team.

“What’s this?”

“A little graduation ceremony for adult education classes I think.  Nothing like shutting down the road.”

“There’s Aventurero headed our way.”

Cutting back along the malecon, the wind has calmed down a little.  The weekend craziness has yet to begin.  The Trio stops at a little souvenir shop and Aventurero purchases some tagua nut items.  A little bug spray before catching up with others at Julio’s place.  The Ts receive a call from their landlord concerned about the possible leaky roof.  He’s updated about several other issues as well and plans to send the maintenance man over tomorrow at 8:00 to check things out.  Aventurero has the cleaning lady coming to his place in the morning too.

“Looks like Montecristi will have to wait Nilla.”

“I suppose so, probably until we get back from the Galapagos.”

“Time for nachos at Crucita Village?”

“Lead on Jackson.  What’s one more indulgence for the day!”

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