La Bella Crucita – Monday, 01/21/2019

Out the door just after 8:00 – got to get to San Clemente to meet Maribel.  She is going to show us properties in San Clemente, a small village north of Crucita

San Clemente is a small fishing village, north of Crucita, adjacent to San Jacinto, with approximately 2000 residents. Miles of flat sandy beach and fairly calm ocean waters. Multiple nice restaurants adjacent to the beach – not across the street as in Crucita.  Like Crucita, the sunsets are gorgeous, even during the rainy season.  San Clemente is slowly becoming a vacation destination for the international and national traveler.  The town is quiet with minimal night life.  Buses and taxis are available – the buses less frequent than in Crucita.  Bahia de Caraquez, Portoviejo are approximately 35km away and Manta 45 km away.  The nearest hospital is in Bahia. Manta and Portoviejo are to the north and to the south, the estuary of the river Portoviejo, known as La Boca, with mangroves and their abundant wildlife. Nearby are historic ruins of Japoto,  an active archeological site with tolas.

“How are we going to get there Jackson?”

“By bus and then taxi.  We’ll meet up with Aventurero at the bottom of the loma.”

“Look how much is done on the mural – wow!”

The bus is packed – destination Portoviejo.  Once in downtown, with numerous taxis zooming about, a stop at an ATM and then a taxi to the bus terminal to grab another bus to San Clemente.  This bus is less crowded and stops in Rocafuerte before proceeding on to San Clemente – over an hour.


The Trio’s late – for Ecuador though, perhaps not too late. Maribel is waiting at the gate.

“Wow Nilla, this place, Vistazul is a beautiful property.”

It really is Jackson.  Unit 501, complete with roof top beds.  Unit 502, back door seating area. in-closet safe and roof top beds, a little clutter; 405 no oven, queen size bed and double bed, no roof top beds and possible maintenance issues.  Unit 406 similar to all the other units, has a seahorse theme in the living room and beds and hammocks on the roof top deck.

“All of these are lovely Jackson, but it will depend on price and what amenities are included in the rent.”

Across the street is the Palmazul Hotel – beautiful and associated with the Vistazul gated community.  Down the road is a home that is still under construction – simple, clean but no laundry and nothing is included in the rental fee.

Time to get some lunch and explore the town.  At the restaurant are two Canadian ladies eating and chatting.  They happen to know about a small rental unit right on the ocean – perfect for Aventurero.

“Nilla, the ocean is so calm here and it’s quiet and peaceful.  It’s better for us than Crucita, after all why are we staying on the coast, to enjoy the sun, sand and ocean – but we can’t with the rough and tumble waves, further challenging the drop-off and the craziness that goes on along the malecon on the weekend.”


And indeed, the apartment is perfect for him – ‘Casa La Playa’ – everything included!  He has found his retreat for next year.

“So Jackson, we’ll keep looking.  When we get back from the Galapagos we’ll return to San Clemente and talk with others there – they might know of a rental that would be perfect for us.”

“That’s a great plan Nilla.”

Ten dollar taxi ride back to Crucita via the ‘short cut’, bumpy road. Past rice fields, platanos, and piscina de cameron (shrimp farm).

“What a difference Nilla, the ocean is coming up over the road – it’s a mess again and it’s noisy.”

“I’m positive we’ll find the right spot for us.  The Ts will email Lourdes tomorrow – and they’ll keep looking.”

“I’m not sure why I’m tired – didn’t do much.”

“Jackson, long bus rides, walking, heat – time to head back to Las Dunas and relax.”

“And the maintenance man is coming around 8:00 AM.”



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