La Bella Crucita – Thursday 01/31/2019

“Tsunami drill today Jackson.”

“We have to go to Portoviejo and we need to work on the blog first.”

“Lourdes is sending more photographs and the owners of the other property, the apartment on the beach is asking if we can come see the property today as they are going away for a month.”

“Wow, we just got back and everything is happening at once!”

“We can go to Portoviejo, grab a taxi back to Las Dunas, ask the taxi to wait and then take us to San Clemente to see the property.”

“Nilla, we have to try to organize some of our posts first though.”

“Working on it Jackson.”

“Who’s at the door?”

“It’s Manuco, the maintenance man.”

“Not today, we’ve got plans.”

“He’ll come back on Saturday.”

“That was supposed to be cleaning day.”

“I’ll be working in the kitchen for sure – Sunday is Super Bowl, cleaning will have to wait until next week.  Manuco will probably leave a mess anyway.”

“And as for the tsunami drill – no one seems to know much about it anyway.”

“Let’s catch up on the blog and then hopefully tomorrow post them.  The Ts have errands and are off to San Clemente to look at some apartments on the beach.  We’ll have plenty of time.”

The Ts catch a bus to Portoviejo, an older vehicle, but get them to where they need to go.  It rains during the ride but mother nature cooperates – not even a drizzle when they step down off the bus.  ATM failure once again.  Will need to contact the credit card company tomorrow for sure.  They grab a cab – nice car – brand new – in service for only four days.  The taxista is very nice and agrees to wait at Las Dunas while the Ts unload and store perishables.  Aventurero is waiting to join them on the trip to San Clemente.  Carlos, a very kind cab driver brings them back directly to Ramblas for dinner.  Carlos gives the Trio his phone number so in the future he can drive them back from San Clemente.  The buses are less frequent there.  Another long day, it’s already late

“Look at these photos, these apartments are beautiful.  Do you think we’ll be staying in one of them next year?”


“Depends on the long term rental fee Nilla.  The Ts are still waiting to hear about them.”

“It’s really exciting – could they be looking at a longer stay, looking toward the future?”

“As they say here, ‘Vamos a ver’.”

“The Ts still have to look at potential rentals with Lourdes next week as well.”

“Options are good.”


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