Santa Cruz to Crucita – Tuesday, 01/29/2019

“Isn’t it funny, it must be dreaming Jackson, the sea lion’s eyes are closed but it’s moving around just as though it is swimming.”

“Nilla, I’m moving around with my eyes closed but I’m not dreaming – I’m tired.”

“We’ve been up and going early every day since our departure from Crucita last Thursday.  Today is going to be a tiring travel day for us.”

“Taxi, water taxi, bus, plane, shuttle, taxi.”

“Let’s get on with it!”

The taxi arrives at the entrance of Estrella del Mar on time.  The ride is uneventful except for a tortoise and some iguanas in the road – $25.00 fare.  Canal taxi $1.00 per person to the Isla Baltra Dock


and then the $2.50 bus fare (senior discount) to the airport.


Along the way there is evidence of the once U.S.Army Air Force Base on the island.

“Avianca is late again Nilla.”

“It shouldn’t be that late Jackson.”

“Don’t forget we have to catch the 2:00 PM shuttle in Guayquil – that won’t leave us much time.”

“We’ll see.  Don’t worry yet.”

Coffee and snacks in the airport.  The plane arrives and the three board, one checked bag.

“Look we have our own seat again – how great is that!”

“And snacks too.”

“We don’t have much time to call Transportes Fronterizos Del Sur, Transfrosur Nilla.”

“Jackson the cell phone is not allowing the call, time to see if someone in the airport will call for us.  Anabel looks kind, she’s in charge of the stored luggage, she’ll have good people skills and will help us.”

“You were right Nilla, she is nice and we should be all set.  Just stay here and wait.”

“Water would be good.”

“It’s not even 2:30 and the van is here.  I was worried.”

“We’re on our way back to Manta, tolls, check points, scenery, a few rain drops.”

Once back in Manta at the shuttle office the Trio hales a cab, the trunk has motor oil spilled in the back and the driver pulls up the mat so that the luggage can be placed avoiding contact with the oil.

“This is a crazy ride Jackson.  The craziest taxi ride yet – speeds up slows down, looking behind and to the side.”

“I’m glad we’re back in Crucita.  Let’s get settled and then go get something to eat.”

“Good idea.”

Ramblas is open and the Trio catches up with friends.  The malecon is still covered with sand.

“They didn’t do a good clean up job this time Jackson.”

“For sure.  Time for some rest, we’ll see what it’s like tomorrow.

“We have to work on the blog tomorrow – so much to catch up on – we’ll probably be posting at least two days behind.”

“Stop worrying and get some sleep.”


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