La Bella Crucita – Friday, 02/01/2019

“I can’t believe it Jackson, we’re never going to catch up on our blog.  We just lost power!”

“Nilla, our readers will understand once we get the power is restored and we can get access to the internet.  We weren’t planning on doing much today anyway – maybe going for a walk on the beach.”

One hour later power is restored.

“I want to see how the mural is going, it was covered up when we walked by last night. I also need to see about fresh shrimp.”

“What’s the topic for the day?”

“I think we should discuss tobacco use in Ecuador, Jackson.  Not many people smoke, even when out drinking beer with friends and I can count on one paw the number of people I’ve seen vaping.”

“I’ve noticed that too.  So what has Ecuador done to curb tobacco use in the country?”

“Tobacco sales in Ecuador declined in 2017 because of decreased availability of cigarettes, strict legislation on promotion, and increased expense. In October 2006 Ecuador joined WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.”

“That’s fabulous.  And smoking is not allowed in the restaurants either.”


“Yes, Ecuador prohibits smoking in indoor work places, public places and transportation, including cabs, outdoor areas of public health facilities and primary and secondary education buildings and grounds.”

“That’s like in the United States.”

“But Jackson, listen to this….Sixty percent of the front and back of the tobacco product pack must have warnings including illustrations regarding the health risks of tobacco use!”

“I still see cigarettes sold in the small grocers here.”

“Philip Morris has a monopoly of Tabacalera Andina, and is allowed limited promotion venues.  Deceptive advertising such as ‘low tar’ and ‘low nicotine’ are prohibited.  The small grocers do sell cigarettes by the pack or by singles, and the packs are sometimes ten instead of twenty cigarettes.”

“What about vaping, is that legal?”

“Vaping is allowed in Ecuador but not in public spaces.  There are ‘vape’ shops in major cities.”

“I”m glad the government has been aggressive tobacco use.  I’ve noticed butts on the ground but much less than back in the States.  Potentially the beach could become a big ashtray.”

“But it hasn’t.  Let’s go up to where the fisherman are and see if there are shrimp and then come back before going to the ATM.”


“Not much activity around the fish tables Nilla, I think we’re out of luck.”

“Seems that way.”

“Will see if the ATM is working.”

“Jackson, look at the mural.  It’s the same group of artists as the other one.  Great Job!”

“Aventurero is coming our way, he’s probably going to Dos Primos, but I didn’t see Diego or Guardagatos there when we walked by.”

“We’ll meet up with them later at Mi Tierra.”

“Look over there, they’re cutting up a big fish – looks like espada – swordfish but it’s not – it’s picudo – bicuda in English or pencil fish.  It doesn’t look like a pencil to me, it really looks like swordfish.”

“Confusing, but something the Ts will have to try at one of the restaurants.  They’ll go ‘fishing’ for the answer.”

“Cute Nilla.”

ATM success.

“Let’s stop at this little fish market to see if they have any shrimp.”

“This lady always sticks to her price, no bargaining at all – $6.00 for a pound of shrimp, SOHO too and frozen.”

“Some is better than none.  But I think you mean HOSO – not ‘South of Houston, NYC.”

“Okay, you’re right.  HOSO.  It’s getting close to five o’clock.  We’ll stick the shrimp in the refrigerator and head up the road.”

“It’s great to see our friends again, missed them while we were in the Galapagos.  Diego is here but no Guardagatos.  Diego says he hasn’t seen him all day.  I hope he is alright.”

“From what folks are saying Jackson, the tsunami simulation was almost completely ignored by those on the beach yesterday.”

“But we did see a few military and people from the Red Cross when we came back from San Clemente.”

“Our friends at Palm Beach are saying that men from the power company were up on the pole this morning, don’t know what that’s about – they didn’t lose power.”

“Let’s just hope they have it fixed.”

“The Trio is going to have dinner here – freshly made lasagna.”

“That’s something different from the usual fish.”

“Looks tasty.”

“Time to head back to Las Dunas.  You have a busy day in the kitchen and Manuco is coming sometime between 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning.

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