La Bella Crucita, Sunday 02/03/2019

“Are you ready for some football?????!!!”

“Only if the Pats are Jackson.”

“Let’s hope the power stays on.”

“We’ll be eating out if it doesn’t, I have to clean the shrimp.”

“We need to discuss the topic for the day, and since you’ll be working in the kitchen I thought I’d come up with the topic.”

“That would be helpful, what do you have in mind?”

“I’ve been thinking about the seashells the Ts have been bringing back from the beach.”

“Yes, we really don’t know much about them do we?”

“Nope, but since you like trivia and coffee so much I think I’ve come up with the perfect topic!”

“Ecuadorian coffee?”

“No we can save that one for later – you can be in charge.  I’m talking about the coffee bean seashell, the Pusula pediculus, or Pusula solandri, previously, Trivia solandri the former home for the small sea snail in the gastropod mollusk family.”

“I know the ones you’re talking about.  They do resemble coffee beans. They’re really small.”


“Yes, the don’t get much larger than 17 mm, the largest maximum recorded shell length is 22 mm.”

“That would be a large coffee bean!”

“They’re also known as the false cowry.  The coffee bean trivia has ribs that extend up to the pustules atop the shell, ending at the grove. The cowries, in contrast, have a smooth shiny shell that has a mantle.  The mantle is constantly cleaned and repaired.  The color depends on the snail’s diet. The cowries are found in the Pacific and Indian Oceans and there are many types: tiger, lynx, money, ring-topped, snake head, wart, deer, purple-topped, and Arabic.

“The coweries were used as money?’

“Yes, the yellow one inch variety,  cyprea moneta, was used for money in Africa, 100 shells the equivalent to one English penny.   The four-inch crowy shell was worn by royalty in the Pacific Islands.”

“So the largest shell in our collection, is that a Trividae or a cowry?”

“Per the description, I’d say it is a cowry as are the mid-sized ones.


“Gastropod refers to the stomach doesn’t it?”

“Why yes Nilla.”

“Well ours will be empty if I don’t get working in the kitchen!”

“I hear it might rain in Atlanta today, no big deal, it’s enclosed, only problem would be if they have fireworks and have to open the roof.  The Patriots are wearing white shirts, twelve of the last fourteen super bowl winners have worn white, so I’m thinking that white is a good choice.”

“Shrimp, salad, limes, sauteed green peppers and onions for the rice – it’s all done!  What have you been up to Jackson?”

“Looking at the previews of the super bowl commercials, take a look at this one – I think its’ the best, Amazon – amazing!”

“That is cute Jackson, I agree but I want to look at others too, maybe later.  We won’t see them on TV here – we’ll just get the commercials targeting Latin America.”

“That’s why I wanted to peek and see what some of them on the computer.”

“Jackson, set the table, Aventurero is here – time to pull dinner together.”

“That looks great and from the response from the Trio delicious.”

“Roasted peanuts, crackers and cheese for half time.”

“Some how, after eating all that shrimp, there won’t be many ‘takers’ for snacks.”

“Who do you think will win?”

“Nilla, that’s hard to predict, but if the Patriots win the toss, they’ll win – if they don’t, it’s a ‘toss up’ shall we say.”

“Thanks for helping with the dishes, time to take our seats.”

“Oh no, they lost the toss up!  Who’s knocking at the door, it’s Amarita and Tito, they’ve come to clean the back yard, without texting first?  It will have to wait until tomorrow!”

“Did you see that?  Rams number twenty-three did it again, he did it in the Saints game, and has the nerve to do it again!!”

“He’ll get fined.”

“What a low scoring game – a total of three points at half time.”

“What do you think of the half time show?”

“Nothing really exciting except Adam taking off his clothes.  Look at all those tattoos!”


“Well, there was no wardrobe malfunction – he kept his pants on!”

“It’s a tie game – are we going to end up in overtime?”

“Let’s hope not.”

“I don’t want to look – looks like the Rams are going to score a touch down!”

“Gilmore for the interception!”

“Patriots have to do something with this Jackson.”

“Michel finds a hole and TOUCH DOWN!!!”

“I think we have the game, just play it safe – what they’re going for a field goal?”

“The Rams are thinking score a field goal, on sides kick, get the ball back and tie the game.”

“No good!”  We’ve got this!”

“Super Bowl LIII is ours!  I hope Gronkowski, Edleman, and Brady retire – before they get hurt – I’ll miss them but it might be time.”

“Don’t know Jackson, I agree with you – want them to leave on a high point of their careers but what will happen to the team – Belichick will have a challenge to bring talented new players to the Patriots.”

“We won’t hear anything for awhile, they need to enjoy this win and then consider the future – it’s late and time for bed.”






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