La Bella Crucita, Friday, 02/15/2019

“Quiet day today Nilla.”

“We’ve had a busy week Jackson!”

“Nilla, I spoke too soon, there’s no water!”

“What, no toilet flushing, washing dishes, hot showers!!”

“That sums it up.  Sounds more like camping to me, the old fashioned way, in a tent, hauling water and so on.”

“We did blog about the potable water in a previous post.”

“The source of the problem is, the town has not been providing water through the water pipes – and if you don’t know this, then there is a risk of running out of water.  The reserve tank located beneath the patio in the back is dry, only silt remains.  We can have a water tanker come for forty dollars and fill the reserve which will then activate the pump to pump water to the house and up to the cistern.  The Ts have already contacted Russell who asks that the pump be turned off.  Not a bad idea to turn the hot water heater off too.”

“But if the water truck comes and fills the tank, all the silt will be stirred up and into the water making it essentially unusable for several days until it settles.”

“True but the security guard says he can have his son come and clean it out this morning – fifteen dollars and then get the water truck to come fill the reserve.”

“And showers today?”

“The guard says the Ts can use the showers located poolside….but they’re cold!”

“They can handle that Jackson, it’s just another adventure – WTE! ”

“Russell says he will pay for the cleaning and the water.”

“Water delivery trucks have been used in Ecuador for decades, now we get to see one deliver water to us!”

“Do you think it is a conspiracy for the water trucks – having the town turn off the water, could be good for their business.”

“I don’t thinks so, it’s probably part of an upgrade to the system.  They have to turn it back on, the weekend is here and all those folks who make money providing showers for the beach-goers would be a little upset.  Manuel says they may turn it on today – apparently it’s been off for the fast five to six days per Diego.”

“But the people that live here must know this happens from time to time and have other sources of ‘stored’ water, extra cisterns or larger retaining tanks.”

“But the Ts don’t know this!”

“Nilla, don’t worry, I think the water is flowing into the tank, listen!”

“Trickle, trickle, Nilla.”

“Manual’s son is going to need to hurry to clean the tank before it gets to full!”

“They’re here – they can remove the water level mechanism that controls the water flow and stop the entry until they finish cleaning.”

“A water truck just pulled into Las Dunas.  Looks like we’re not the only ones.”

“How long do you think it will take to get the water back?”

“Don’t know, probably most of the afternoon.”

“What a wasted day.  But at least the water is back on and the Ts can take a shower before going out to the bakery.  Aventurero has had a lazy day too, fun late night with friends.”

“That’s good, he’s going to meet us here about 5:00 PM.”

“Okay, ready to go Nilla.”

“Ready, but where’s Aventurero?  Here comes Guardagatos from Primo Dos, he hasn’t seen him.”

“Here he comes Jackson.”

“Sounds like Aventurero has had an ‘occurrences’ day Nilla.”

“What do you mean by that, Jackson?”

“The hammock rope broke sending him to the floor.  Nothing broken just a few scrapes and then coming down the hill, he nearly steps on a snake, the first one he’s seen on the loma.”

“Wow, poisonous?”

“Don’t know, there are poisonous snakes up there and Diego has told us about one they call ‘equis’ that is poisonous and seen on the grounds of Las Dunas!”

“Yikes!  Glad he’s okay.”

“As we were leaving Las Dunas, I heard other folks remark on how the water trucks had to come to fill the reserve on a regular basis until just under a year ago when the new system went on line.”

“At least things are better, and I suppose to be expected.  Look over there Jackson, shrimp del mar, HOSO, three dollars a pound!”

“Looks like shrimp is going to be on the menu next week.”

“I still don’t like cleaning them so much, the heads you know.  I don’t mind the skin so much but the tails can get prickly too – have to be careful.”

“How are you going to cook them?”

“Garlic shrimp, a variation of the scampi.  Since we’re going to San Clemente on Sunday, we’re going to have to go shopping tomorrow.”


“Yup, just a few things.”

“Aventurero wants to go to Julio’s after the bakery.”

“Coconut delight and some rolls for Aventurero, cinnamon swirls, croissants and rolls for the Ts.”

“Look at all that mud, there’s just no escaping it.”

“It’s quiet at Mi Tierra, but after a very busy and long evening last night I suppose that should be expected Jackson.”

“Lasagna for the Trio.  Good for a change.  You know we’re going to miss the dedication for the newly remodeled fire station Nilla.”

“A crowd, and speeches, blah, blah, blah.  I really don’t want to go.  They’re nice people, dedicated to their professional duties but…

“Fine, let’s see if we can find Diego, he’s probably at Ramblas since he didn’t show up here.”

“Slow at Ramblas too.  Diego ordered dinner way long ago and it’s still not here.”

“There’s the cat.”

More talk about snakes and water.  Aventurero heads off up the hill.  The Ts wait with Diego until he gets his ‘to go’ order and then head back to Las Dunas.

“Tomorrow’s shopping Jackson.”

“Good night Nilla.”




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