La Bella Crucita, Saturday, 02/16/2019

“Don’t want to but we need to start the countdown until we leave.”

“So soon Jackson?  We’ve certainly had our challenges but look at the experiences we’ve had!”

“Looks like the Ts and Aventurero are going to rent in San Clemente next visit to Ecuador.”

“Aventurero has a cute little apartment at La Casa Playa with private deck right on the beach, secure and safe.”

“The Ts are going to rent in a gated community, Ensenada del Pacifico, with all the comforts of home, filtered water, no need for us to purchase the twenty liter bottles, pool, outdoor shower for cleaning off the beach sand and more.”

“Jackson, I’m going to miss some things from Crucita.  We have good friends here now.”

“We’ll definitely come visit and perhaps even spend the night at one of the hostels.  Carlos can take us back and forth in his cab.”

“Maybe we can come visit for gringo night.  We can always invite folks from here to come visit there and spend the night with us too.”

“We have options Nilla.”

“Remember today is cleaning day for Aventurero and Amarita and Tito are coming here to clean the exterior of the property.”

“Laundry and then off to Portoviejo.  Did you make a list?”

“I did.”

Shopping is a success in Portoviejo except that the alarm devices on two of the purchases was not removed despite the receipt being checked by two security staff and setting off the alarm.  This means a return trip is in the Ts future.  Also one of the Ts J-walked across a busy street.  Back to Las Dunas via taxi, the taxista is from Crucita.

“Nilla, did you see all those different bottled waters in the Hipermercado?”

“I did Jackson.  ‘Agua sin gas, the ‘Mi Comisariato’ brand isn’t bad, the Dansani brand is part of CocaCola, while Cielo Life, an alkaline, ionized water is processed in Ecuador but is not the favorite of one of the Ts.”

“You do realize Nilla that some people don’t notice the ‘taste’ of water.”

“Yes, they say ‘water is water’ but it isn’t, and it is a big business.  But let’s look at the ‘finer’ waters from Ecuador Jackson.”

“Finer waters Nilla?”

“Yes, for example, Tradicional, Agua Mineral San Felipe, HealtH20, GÜitig, Splendor just to name a few.”

“I didn’t see all those at the supermarket though Nilla.”

“It could be that certain supermarkets stock particular bottled water brands and it could be that some are primarily purchased for upscale restaurants.”

“Perhaps HealH20 is for gyms?”

“Not sure about that.  It is an artesian water, the source near the active volcano Mount Cotopaxi.  It was discovered in 1984 by Guillermo Sotomayor and marked under the Splendor brand.  As the water filters through the soils of the mountainside it acquires minerals and trace elements contributing to the taste.”

“We saw Splendor at the store.”

“Yes we did.  I think the Ts might serve it with dinner tomorrow night.”

“And other fine bottled waters?”

Agua Tradicional is also artesian and the source was discovered by PericlesG allegos Vallejo and his son Luis Benigno Gallegos Chiriboga in the 1900’s.  The source is located 10,000 feet high in the Andes, the now dormant volcano Psochoa.”

“I’ve heard about GÜitig, Nilla.”

“Yes you have, it has a peculiar name.  GÜitig was legally established in 1921.  The story behind GÜitig is that Eugenia Klinger visited Thessaly’s Spa in Greece and reflecting on its beauty and her property in Machachi, Ecuador decided to rename her Ecuadorean home Tesalia, since it had several artesian slopes.”

“But that doesn’t explain the name GÜitig Nilla.  It just explains why the company producing the water is called CBC Tesalia.”

“The name, Jackson, was the result of a German word, gÜltig, which means excellent, good or kind.”  You see, one of Eugenia’s German visitors tasted the water and exclaimed, “gÜltig”.

“How do you pronounce that Nilla.”

“That’s the point Jackson,   no one could so it got named GÜitig instead.  It is a naturally carbonated water.”

“Big business.”

“Indeed, there are two fine water events in Sweden during April this year.”

“We haven’t heard from Aventurero all day – cleaning day as you recall.  It doesn’t look as though Tito or Amarita came to clean the outside.”

“Not surprising, Jackson.”

“The Ts have sent a text to Aventurero, he’ll meet up with them later.”

“Let’s go to Ramblas and see who is there.”

“Diego and Guardagatos as usual.”

“The Ts need to get something to eat and Ramblas doesn’t have sushi grade tuna, they’re heading off to Rimini.”

Aventurero, Diego and Guardagatos join them awhile later.

“Nilla, if you’re going to serve tuna casserole tomorrow after the visit to San Clemente, don’t you think you should do some preparation, cooking the pasta perhaps this evening.”

“You’re right, let’s go back to Las Dunas.”

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