La Bella Crucita, Sunday, 02/17/2019

“Getting get going on the remaining ingredients for the tuna casserole before we head off to San Clemente.”

“Have to call Carlos too, ask him to come get us here at 10:00.”

“Peppers, onions diced and sauteed until tender.  Soup prepared and it isn’t even 9:00 yet, plenty of time.”

“Nilla, do you think you really want to have the casserole when the Trio gets back from San Clemente?  What happens if they decide to eat there?”

“The only thing left to do prior to baking is the bread crumb topping, and that won’t take too long.  But I am going to add some butter and spices, it seems a bit bland.  If not tonight then tomorrow night.”


“Aventurero is waiting, he says there is a big soccer game going on by the loma, banners, lots of people too.”

“Carlos doesn’t have to go through there to take us to San Clemente.”

“Carlos is here, right on time too.”

“He’s going to take us to San Jacinto and drop us off by the ATM there.  The Trio want to get acquainted with both San Clemente and San Jacinto.  We’re going to explore the malecon!”

“The short cut road is still under construction but not too bad except for the curve at Charapoto.  Carlos says they’re building a huge shopping center there.  Maybe we won’t need to go to Portoviejo to shop and if they have the road done by next year it will be much quicker too.”

“Trafico too Jackson!”

“Here we are in San Jacinto.  The ATM is just like the one in Crucita. The bakery should be nearby too.”

“The bakery has the same breads as the one in Crucita and the baker is very nice too, Jackson.”

“The Trio will do just fine here.”

“The malecon is just waking up, not too busy.  Roads are muddy from the last rain.  In San Jacinto parking the car and blasting music from open doors or windows is prohibited, so much better.”


“They say it rains here more often than in Crucita, because of the mountain nearby Nilla.”

“Oh, I’ve heard of Cottages by the Sea Jackson.  Someone from Crucita was coming over to look at them for possible rental.  Seems very nice.”

“Onto the center of San Clemente, that’s the bus stop over there.”



“Not too far from where the Trio plans to stay.  I hope the Ts bring us back!”

“Me too Nilla.”

After Aventurero leaves a deposit for his beach front apartment the Trio has lunch at Submarinos, one order fish, one arroz con camaron and one ceviche de camaron.  Vendors selling souvenirs, cookies, candy, hats, sunglasses and even shrimp pass through the restaurant with their goods.

“It’s nearly two o’clock, Carlos should be here any minute.”

“And Jackson, isn’t it great to know that we can get camaron del mar here on the weekend?”

“Yup, HOSO though.”

Back to Crucita.  Carlos drops Aventurero off at la loma and the Ts by the church, no need to face all the noise and traffic on the malecon.

“Nilla, there’s another mural!”


“We’ll have to come back when it’s finished.  It’s been a sweaty day.  The Trio is going to take a break before going out briefly in the evening Jackson.”

“Nilla, don’t you think the casserole should wait until tomorrow night?”

“Yes I do.  Splendid idea Jackson!”

“It’s almost six thirty, the Ts are heading out now to see if they can join Diego, Guardagatos and Aventurero for a beverage, they’re not sure where they might be.”

“They’ll find them, if not, just stop by Ramblas.”

Diego, Aventurero are headed toward the Ts, they were at Rimini – the group has a beverage at Ramblas just before the police arrive in front instructing the restaurant to close for the evening.  Apparently there is a law that it not typically enforced along the malecon…. seven o’clock, time to close up and send folks home.

“Looks like an early night Nilla.”

“That’s okay, I’ll heat up some peanuts for a little snack back in Las Dunas.”


“Hot, sticky, but overall a good day.  Would be nice if the downstairs air conditioner worked.”

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