La Bella Crucita, Monday, 02/18/2019

“It was quiet early last night Jackson.”

“Sure was, good for sleeping although it poured about four o’clock this morning.  No major leaks thank goodness, just a little water on the floor of the second bathroom.”

“What’s the plan for today?”

“I know what’s on the dinner menu, tuna casserole.”

“Besides that.”

“Don’t know.  If it clears up outside, maybe a walk on the beach.”

“Rain means more mud, but with the rain comes the beautiful flowers.  Should be just post photos of the flowers around the town?”

“That is a possibility Nilla.”

“Let me mix the bread crumb topping for the casserole before deciding on what photos to include.”



“Truly beautiful flowers and some just growing along side the road or path, no formal garden.”

“Look at this flowering bush we saw in San Clemente center on Saturday.”


“And what about some wild flowers from the Galapagos trip.”


“I wonder why we haven’t seen many bees though, only large bumble bees in the Galapagos but not in Crucita.  And only a few butterflies in the Galapagos and here.”

“We did see those moths though.”

“Yes we did but remember they were not consuming any vegetation nor looking for nectar.”

“It maybe because of the deforestation that occurred years ago as well as the use of pesticides used in farming, and even lack nesting opportunities for them, or natural predators.  We did have a couple of wasp nests on the ‘casita’ out back, but they too have disappeared without spraying.”

“In Pastaza the largest province in Ecuador, there are sting-less honey bees.  Puyo the capital city of the province, located along Rio Chico is home to about 100 species of these bees which produce a variety of honeys diverse in color, favor and texture Jackson.”

“Ecuador Honey Company started in 2001 with four hives and  has grown, at last available account to about 150 hives located in the Amazon basin and high in the Andes as well as some on the coastal plains.”

“I haven’t seen anyone using honey at any of the local restaurants, maybe during our next trip to Hipermarket we should check the shelves for evidence of Ecuadorean honey.  I don’t doubt that there are bees around somewhere, just not in Crucita, or at least not in the beach communities.  I do remember going through a small town selling something that looked like honey.”

“Don’t know where that was,  Maybe there are hives on some of the farms.  Pollination is so important!”

“We never did get to walk the beach.  It’s nearly 4:00 and almost time to put the casserole in the oven.”


“Aventurero is here.”


 Good job Nilla.

“Lots of left-overs for tomorrow’s lunch or dinner.”

After dinner the Trio heads to Rimini with Diego for a beverage and then Aventurero heads to the hill, Diego and Ts walk back toward Las Dunas.

“Full moon Jackson!  It’s movie night for us!”

“Mama Mia, that was a great movie, it’s past our bedtime Nilla.”

“Sure is Jackson, good night!”




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