La Bella Crucita, Monday, 02/25/2019

“No spider dreams and it’s sunny!!!”

“Laundry time.  Maybe a walk on the beach.”

“Check this out.  The Ts grabbed a carnival schedule from Ramblas last night, looks like it will be crazy fun!”

“Aventurero thinks it might be too dangerous for us – we might be ‘napped’.”


“Who knows.  But we could get wet or stringed or foamed.”

“We’ll just have to wait and decide after a thorough assessment of the situation.”

“You know how you were talking about closing the malecon to vehicular traffic last night Nilla?  Well, the malecon will be open to pedestrians only during Carnival.”

“Do we still have the spider?”

“I’ts in the trash.  Why.”

“Well, the Ts couldn’t determine what kind it was and I thought maybe they ought to show it to one of the security guards to see if they know.”

“That’s a thought.  Are we blogging about spiders in Ecuador today Nilla.”

“Creepy thought!”

“Well, there doesn’t seem to be much information about spiders – venomous or otherwise except tarantulas.  The ‘Spider ID’ site doesn’t show any spider that looks like our invader.”

“And just because it says a spider is found in the rain forest doesn’t mean it can’t appear in the tropical, humidity of the coast, especially during rainy season.  Could have ‘hitched’ a ride on produce, in a vehicle, who knows.”

“Keep in mind Nilla, of all the thousands of species of spiders only twenty seven types have been known to cause human death.”

“It only takes one Jackson.”

“It wasn’t the South American Wandering spider, Nilla.  Didn’t have the red markings on the chelicerae.  It was much too large to be a Patu Digua.  Didn’t have the markings of a  Recluse nor did it fit the description of a Black Widow..”

“Could it have been a tarantula?”

“Maybe, it did have some ‘hair’ on the legs, it’s really hard to say.”

“What’s that on the floor?!”

“Relax Nilla, it’s a cucaracha.  Mostly likely coming in out of the wet – entry most likely via the gaps in the slider closure from the adjacent apartment – poor design.”

“The Ts took the spider to the security guard.  He’s not sure either but thinks it is ‘dangerous’.  He said these spiders are not common here but during the rainy season, like other crawling creatures, might enter a home.”

“Next year it won’t be a problem.  The condo is on the second floor and is well constructed. The rainy season won’t pose any ‘threat’ above that of any other time of the year.”

“It’s getting late and the Ts want to walk on the beach since they didn’t yesterday with all the rain.”

“We’ll watch for any ‘invaders’ while they’re gone.”

“The usual two hour walk – the mission today Jackson was to save inverted sand dollars – quite a few of them in the low tide.  I heard they saw a bright orange one, very unusual.  Orange, your favorite color!”

Aventurero is with Diego and Guardagatos in Ramblas and wants to meet up at Rimini with the Ts.  Rimini is a little busy – Diego and Guardagatos leave, apparently a late night for Diego.  The Trio decide to go to Genoa for dinner but on the way stop at the new ‘pizza’ place to try it out.  It’s relatively expensive.  Although the food is ‘acceptable’ – the Trio is not likely to go back.  It’s almost 8:30 PM when the Trio splits.  Passing by Rimini the Ts see Gary, Russell, Shelly and Brandon enjoying a late dinner and decide to join them before returning to Las Dunas.

“Jackson, I understand the plan for tomorrow is to go to San Clemente for late morning visit to Encenada and then for lunch some place there.”

“That will be good Nilla, we’ll have a chance to see where we will be staying next year.”

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