La Bella Crucita, Tuesday, 02/26/2019

“It poured early this morning, in fact it’s still drizzling now!”

“You know what that means Nilla, MUD!

“Jackson, it also means that if the Trio goes to San Clemente this morning, they may not take us with them!”

“I want to see the condo again.”

“Me too!  I have to check out the kitchen to see if the Ts need to bring any gadgets from the U.S. when we return.”

“Let’s see if it clears up.  You know Avenida Quito will be one big puddle!”

“And since there was no confirmation that someone would be at Encenada to let us in, it could be a ‘wasted’ trip.”

“Not entirely.  The Trio wants to check out Meier’s and another restaurant, the one that does book exchanges.  OOPS, we lost power again – you know what that means – no water, internet.  Good thing the Ts are going to San Clemente.”

“Carlos’ son is graduating and can’t drive us, but his friend, taxi driver Kleber is coming to pick us all up at 10:30 Jackson.”

“We’re going Nilla?”

“Yes we are!”

“EXCITING for sure, even if we do get a little muddy or wet!”

“The road is so much improved even with the rain.  The shopping center site is under construction too.”

“Avenida Quito is not bad – only a few puddles.”

“The ground’s keeper is going to show us around, such a beautiful property Jackson.”



“The end unit on the second floor – quiet, breezy, bright, looking directly at the ocean and the flat beach.”

“Kitchen is well appointed, seems to have most everything – will need toaster tongs, colander, strainer – it doesn’t have a rice cooker but I’m not sure that it’s needed.”


“Aventurero is down by the pool waiting for the Ts.  Let’s join him.”


“Down the road to Meier’s.  Interesting place.”

“Nilla you can have physical therapy here too.  Reasonable prices.”


“We’re running out of time if we’re going to grab lunch – need to head back to Viviana’s.  Kleber will be picking us up at 1:30 PM.

“Camarones reventados and pescado a ajillo for the Ts with Aventurero sharing some fries and shrimp.  He’s saving room for dinner later back at Crucita.”

“The beach is lovely – just sitting here at the restaurant. The Trio really should explore a visa extension Jackson.  They should contact that David fellow – he’s on Facebook.”

“It won’t hurt to ask questions and get real answers Nilla.”

“Looks like they’re working on the street lights along the malecon.”

“”The locals say the power is off by sections – depending on where the linesmen are working.”

“We have power Jackson.”

“Or we did – out again.”

“Wonder what Aventurero is doing after picking up some supplies at the local convenience market?’

“Don’t know – can’t contact him.”

“Los Tres Caballeros are probably at Ramblas – want to see?”


“You were right Nilla – Los Tres with Guardagatos novia.”

“They’re leaving, but we’ll stay with Aventurero – he’s having some sort of sushi roll for dinner – something with mango and cream cheese.”

“Sounds a little weird to me Nilla.”

“Diego is full of interesting information and advice tonight.”

“It’s good to get another’s perspective on things.”

“Now that Aventurero has finished dinner, let’s go back to Las Dunas and have a sandwich.”

“The sun is kissing the horizon.”

“Another wonderful day. We’ll deal with the visa question tomorrow.”

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