La Bella Crucita, Thursday, 02/28/2019

“It rained again last night Nilla.”

“We’ll have to be on the lookout for any creature intruders.”

“The water still hasn’t been turned on, and the security guard says it probably won’t be turned on until tomorrow.”

“The problem with that Jackson, is that the tanqueros won’t deliver during the weekend or during Carnival, so even though we still have water in the reserve tank we should probably consider a water delivery today.”

“The town’s water supply seems unpredictable lately.”

“If the tanquero comes today the Ts should be all set, we all are flying back to the U.S. two weeks from today.”

“The Ts didn’t walk much yesterday so they have to today – so we’ll walk down the malacon and up to veinticinco.  We’ll be able to check on road repair progress as well as the stage construction.”


“This looks like another new mural.”

“I think it is Nilla.”

“Looks like they’re getting ready to fill in some pot holes and smooth out the ruts.”


“Look where the fish vendors used to be – it’s all changed.”


“This is going to be a very busy spot come Saturday.  They don’t have much time left to finish the job Jackson.”

Main event stage.

“I’m sure they will.  I though you said shrimp season is over – they seem to have some camaron del mar!”

“Still have some from the piscina in the freezer Jackson.”

“A traffic jam in Crucita on ‘veinticinco’?”


“And it’s not even Carnival yet!”

“I can’t imagine what it will be like then Nilla.”

“Oh well, we need to get back – the guard ordered the water truck.”

“Here we go again!”

Jose Manuel’s water tanquero. Fill her up!

“Any chance for a walk on the beach?”

“Not likely, the low tide was very early this morning.”

“There goes another water truck – we’re not the only ones running out of water.  Wonder when they will turn it back on.”

“Haven’t heard from Aventurero today, wonder what he plans to do for dinner.  It’s really hot out.”

“His text says he wants to eat a late dinner so the Ts are going to Crucita Village for burgers.  They’ll catch up with him at Ramblas.”

Hey, it’s Raquel and her porta-potties!  As they say, “What goes in, must come out”.”


“Look they’re patching up the road – good thing too.”


“Delicious cheeseburgers.  It’s good to have a change from shrimp and fish.”

“Everyone is at Ramblas, Jackson – Diego, Guardagatos, Aventurero, Brandon and Russell.”

“Aventurero is taking off up to Rimini for dinner – the Ts are staying here at Ramblas to chat with Diego.”

“It’s another beautiful sunset on Crucita beach.  Hope it doesn’t rain for Carnival!”


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