La Bella Crucita, Friday, 03/01/2019

“Listen to that rain Nilla!”

“No doubt we have leaks again.”

“The roof has nearly two inches of standing water on it – the drains are plugged.”

“Good thing the Ts know what to do – this property really needs an ongoing manager – one that can perform preventive maintenance and repairs as needed in a timely manner.”

“Amarita is nice but she can’t fix things – she doesn’t have regular transportation – and unable to follow-up on issues.”

“Jackson, this is the first day of March, we’re not here much longer.  I’m really looking forward to Carnival!”

“Nilla, think about the field in front of the main stage…. imagine the dirt and rain and ….”

“MUD! All of it, unless they paved it or placed crushed stone before it rained.”

“And that’s not all, the forecast is predicting significant showers most of tomorrow.”

“Lots of people, lots of mud, lots of umbrellas, hmmmm.”

“Mud wrestling isn’t even scheduled, but maybe it should be.”

“Hey, that’s not a bad idea Jackson.”

“What’s the plan for today?”

“The Ts need to go to the ATM before the machine runs out of money over the weekend and Carnival. then perhaps back down along the malecon to see what’s happening.”

“Fantastic, let’s go.”

“A slow start to the weekend, not many people have arrived yet.  Still performing touch ups along the road way.  Parasailing looks like fun.”


“Crucita is finally going to get its ‘letters’ Nilla.”

“It’s about time – I hope they have it done by tomorrow.”

“The ATM still has money and the cashier in the bank is very nice to the Ts too.”

“Let’s go to Aventurero’s ‘hang out’ restaurant and see if we can reach him with a text.”

“Doesn’t seem to be answering, he could be down at Primo Dos, no WiFi there.”

“Let’s stop and purchase some ‘recuerdos’ Jackson.”

“You really like the tagua pieces don’t you?”

“Absolutely, I wish they still made the tagua buttons but the vendor says they’ve gone to plastic, what a shame.”

“Rimini isn’t too busy.  Let’s stop in and say ‘hello’.”

“The ‘letters’ still are not in place Jackson.”

“We’ll have to come back tomorrow and see.”

“We need to drop off the purchases before checking out the stage area.”

“I wonder how bad the mud will be.  Oh look, here come the Tres Caballeros.”

“They’re going to Julio’s place, will see them there later.”

“Amazing, the mud isn’t too bad.”

“And look what they’ve done to this road.”


“Let’s catch up with the ‘caballeros’ at Julio’s and call it a day.”

“Sounds good to me.”



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