La Bella Crucita, Sunday, 03/03/2019

“It’s raining Nilla.”

“It’ll probably stop by 3:00 PM – that’s when the body builders’ event is scheduled.”

“Besides raining, the water is off again!”

“I can’t figure it out.”

“Even though it’s raining I still want to walk up the malecon and look at the ‘letter’ sign.”

“What time did the music stop last night?”

“You mean this morning, around 3:00 AM!”


“There’s a viche event at La Boca this morning but the Ts aren’t going, especially now that it is raining.”

“Have to wait and see.”

“Wonder what time Aventurero called it a night?”

“Seems some people become nocturnal during Carnival and expect everyone else to do the same.”

“No wonder why there are no events on Tuesday even though it is the holiday, people have to get back the normal rhythm.”

“Looks like the rain is subsiding and the Ts are planning to go out.”

“They’re not taking us Nilla.”

“It’s probably better – don’t want to get foamed, wet or muddy.”

“I’m sure they will give us a full report when they return.”

The malecon is busy but not as busy as one would expect.  A cloudy day but people are enjoying the beach.  Parasailing again, banana boats are hauling people through relatively smooth seas.

Lots of people watching, walking, wading.  Some drinking, eating.  Vendors are ‘vendoring’.  Police – local, regional and national patrolling.  The ‘bomberos’ are riding up and down the malecon on motorcycles.

The mud is a mess up by the stage area.  No one seems to care that the body building is going to take place in less than an hour – if it’s on time.  Trophies are in place – oh, there’s a specimen now.


The judging of the Miss and Mister Crucita 2019 is not spectacular by accounts – one female contestant (guess who won all categories) and ten male contestants (a little more of a competition).  Nilla and Jackson didn’t miss much.

The letters are up and many people are taking selfies in front of the sign.  Nilla and Jackson will have to wait their turn – after Carnival is over. IMG_4994

No power at Las Dunas, which means no flowing water, no air conditioning, no cell phone communication with anyone.  No site of any friends except Trevor who says Russell is still sleeping.  No sign of Aventurero until after three.  He is minus a hat but buys a good-looking red one – expensive $5.00!

Primo Dos is busy, but still room for Diego, Guardagatos and the Ts to sit and watch people walk by – some foaming while others are foamed.  It wouldn’t be much of an event without the political opportunity – Casanova supporters contributing to the ‘bulla’.

Despite finishing the tuna/pasta salad and sharing a chicken wing pincho, the Ts need something to eat and walk by Ramblas – no space there – the group had decided on Rimini anyway – Guardagatos wants the table in the corner, Aventurero is no where to be seen.  Apparently they have stopped to enjoy a beverage at a newly constructed ‘michelada’ stand.

Service and food at Rimini is not the usual standard – to be expected during Carnival –  less and more expensive for most everything it seems.  The waiter is tired, beverage orders are mixed up and Diego leaves.  Aventurero and Guardagatos arrive and order.  Guardagatos has a cold and leaves shortly after he arrives.  Those remaining are stuck in a corner without a breeze – high humidity – uncomfortable.  Shelly, Gary and the Ts decide this is no place to linger.

The concert on the other end of the malecon should be starting soon.  The Ts want to see what’s happening there.  No indication that any band will be playing soon – well after 8:00 PM at 8:40 the first band finally takes stage.  Russell is up and walking around the field.

Time to return to Las Dunas and attempt to rest – those nocturnal ‘humans’ will be at it again throughout the night – without a doubt!

“Nilla, the Ts walked over six miles today!”

“Doesn’t surprise me much.”

“And, it sounds as though we didn’t mess much, they got foamed and sprayed but not covered or drenched.”

“So far the parade has been the best part of the Carnival celebration.”

“Remember, Carnival doesn’t officially start until Monday!”

“Good night Ts.”

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