La Bella Crucita, Monday, 03/04/2019


“Nocturnal human creatures at it again – it’s 3:30 AM.”

“So much for sleep.”

Daybreak and no rain.

“Someone doesn’t have water in Las Dunas Nilla.  Here comes a water truck.”

“But the water is on this morning – our tank is full.”

“Maybe they’re afraid the water will be turned off again, and the more visitors the more water usage.”

“What’s on the schedule for today?”

“A nap might be in order later this afternoon.”

“The featured concert with Zion and Lennox from Puerto Rico at midnight and fireworks at 10:00 this evening.”

“What’s Aventurero doing?”

“He’s going to meet us and then go for lupper at Genoa in hopes that it will be less busy off the Malecon.”

“Aventurero is at Ramblas.”

“Off we go.”

“Looks like Genoa is closed – no where to?”

“Let’s go to Las Gaviotas, shouldn’t be too busy there especially up on the balcony.”

“It’s crowded even here too.  Mucha bulla.”

“The Trio is having pescado a ajillo, camarones a ajillo and pescado frito.”

“Those are absolutely delicious choices.”

Bellies full the Ts head back toward Las Dunas and Aventurero to la loma.  Naps are in order.

“What’s the best place to meet this evening Nilla?”

“Ramblas.  Has WiFi and while we wait we can people watch.”

“I don’t think the Ts are taking us with them.  Too much risk for getting foamed or wet.  We’ll stay here until they return.  They’ll be back long before fireworks.”

Lots of foaming and spraying along the malecon.  The group gathers at Ramblas.  Pinchos from the vendor in front of Diego’s place – yummy.


Impressive that the clean up crews are already patrolling the malecon – not even waiting for the holiday conclusion.

Hats are a top seller to party goers.  Five dollars each.


People are migrating to the stage area with chairs, cushions, stools, coolers etc.  More political parades along the beach.

It’s time to go there and see what’s happening.

Another beautiful sunset.

Amazingly the performance of the first band starts almost on time.  A decent group.  Better back at Las Dunas and relax until the fireworks begin.

“Oh no Jackson – the power went out again.”

“It’s probably temporary, most likely because of Carnival.  think positive, better for watching fireworks.”

“And the noise level should be tolerable too.”

“Sit back and relax.”

“It’s Carnival!”

“Great display from the roof.  Can’t stay up for the midnight concert.”

“Good night.”

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