La Bella Crucita, Tuesday 3/5/2019

“One of three transformers in the Las Dunas compound blew.  Still no power this morning.”

“Well at least the computer is charged.”

“We don’t have internet though.”

“So, we take notes in ‘Word’ just like we did when we were in the Galapagos.”

“It’s Carnival – no replacement transformer until tomorrow.”

“Then there’s the installation – how long will that take.”

“Who knows.”

“We need to reach Russell and Amarita and Aventurero.  Aventurero has space in his place.  I’m sure he won’t mind if we stay with him.”

“That would be fun – up on the hill!”

“Let’s go to Ramblas and use their WiFi.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“They’re going to make breakfast for us even though they’re a sushi place.  Geoffrey is so nice.”


“Looks delicious – almost as good as the ones you make Nilla.”

“Amarita can’t reach Russell – she can’t help us other than to offer to keep the food in the refrigerator at her house.  She said we can stay there where it’s cooler.”

“The Ts can’t reach Russell either.  The rental agreement states that if the property becomes unusable for whatever reason, it’s his responsibility of the owner to arrange comparable housing arrangements until the problem is resolved.”

“Aventurero says we can stay with him if we want.”

“I think the Ts want to be close to Las Dunas and keep an eye on the house.”

“Aventurero ran into Trevor and Russell, el musico, and they say they’ll help bring our stuff up on the hill if we want.”

“Everyone is so nice and willing to help.”

“Funny, what’s it say on the wall by the front door – “Mi casa es tu casa’?  It’s more like ‘Mi pesadilla es tu pesadilla”.”

“What’s that mean?”

“My nightmare is your nightmare” Jackson.”

“Very funny – it hasn’t been that bad has it?”

“Think about it.”

“Russell could not have anticipated the transformer demise, but the other chronic issues with the house, many of which we have not mentioned in our blog, should have been addressed.”

“Let’s just find a place to stay, something close by and hope that most of the party goers have left Crucita.”

“Hotel Java looks pretty nice, let’s see if they can accommodate us.”

“Room 201 – king size bed, WiFi, hot water, AC, looks pretty good to me.”

“Remember Jackson, the ‘J’ is pronounced like the English ‘H’.”

“Ha, ha.”

“That’s right Jackson, soft and short ‘a’.”

“Another message from Amarita – she says we can get water from the cistern on the roof – just open the valve.”

“But that doesn’t help with hot water, air conditioning, food from spoiling.”

“The Ts tried opening the valve but the water flows directly into the reserve tank beneath the rear patio.”

“Sure seems that the owner and his family don’t know much about the household operations does it.”

“Another message from Amarita – seems she and Tito went into the house and opened the cistern valve and what happened?”

“No water.”

“The Ts want to meet up with Aventurero and have an early dinner, we’ll stay here Nilla.”

Aventurero meets up with the Ts in front of Palm Beach and agrees with the plan to have dinner at Ramblas.  He’s headed that way and encounters Guardagatos walking to Primo Dos.  The two of them will catch up with the Ts in a little bit.

Minimal communication from Russell who also incorrectly assumes that the water in the cistern will flow into the water pipes via gravity and supply adequate water.

BBQ wings and pescado a la plancha at Ramblas.  Guardagatos finishes off the French fries.  It’s not even 6:30 PM when the police begin patrolling the malecon to order the restaurants to shut down by 7:00 PM.  Aventurero hasn’t even ordered dinner yet.

That group is going to Crucita Village – exempt from the shutdown.  The Ts head back to Hotel Java.

Tomorrow they need to go to Portoviejo for glasses repair – that will take a good three hours at least.


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