La Bella Crucita, Wednesday, 03/06/2019

“Quiet night Nilla.”

“Good morning to you too Jackson.”

“Portoviejo today.”

“That’s right, a bus ride!”

“Do you think someone can fix the glasses?”

“Hope so.  The Ts are going to stop by Las Dunas to check on the transformer situation before they go.”

“I’m not sure they are taking us with them Nilla.”

“Will we be safe here?”

“I think so.”

No transformer yet, the security guard is not sure if they will have the transformer installed today.  It’s not the responsibility of the electric company but rather the Las Dunas homeowners’ association.  Will have to see when we get back.

Crowded bus ride without air conditioning.  The opticians in the shopping center are able to remove the bottom half of the broken glasses screw but not the top.  Without the screw the lens will fall out of the frame.  A watch repair person is recommended – located in front of the cathedral on Rocafuerte street.  The cathedral is beautiful.


The watch repair person is locate in an ally off the main road.  This area of the city is busy with small shops and experts in repairing almost anything.  After nearly forty five minutes the glasses are functional again.


The Ts are on their way back to Crucita.

A taxi ride to the terminal terrestre and hop on the Crucita bus – seems everyone has decided to go to Crucita today – Chris and Elaine for their appointment, Diego and another group to conduct some business and surprise, on the bus Russell el musico, Trevor, Shelly and Gary.  At the Rocafuerte bus change four other gringos climb on board the very crowded bus – loaded with beach goers.

Another try to eat at Genoa – too early.  The Ts get off the bus near Rimini and have a beverage before walking up to the pizza place and ATM.  Pizza is great.

The newly renovated fire station across the street from Genoa. Too small to accommodate the fire engine.

Time to head back to Las Dunas for a progress report.

It’s a little past 6:00 PM and Manuel is proud to report that they just finished installing the transformer.  Hurray!  Not so soon – no water, every time the water pump goes on the lights dim and there’s still no water.  Manuel is going to contact someone in the morning to come by and see what’s wrong – hopefully the water pump is still okay.

Back to Hotel Java.

“Jackson, the Ts are back – looks like still no water since we’re still here.  It sounds like the Ts had a significant discussion with Russell about the house.”

“I hope that he follows up on some of their recommendations.  Looks like the glasses got fixed.”

“Another night in Bella Crucita Jackson!”


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