Manta, Saturday, 03/09/2019

“Drizzy start to the day Jackson.”

“Sure is.  Wonder what the Ts have in mind for today?”

“They had hoped for some time by the pool, but it doesn’t look like that will happen.”

“Breakfast time anyway.”

“This morning’s buffet features papaya or orange juice, ceviche de pescado, multiple fresh sliced fruit choices.”

“Cheese and cold cuts.  Albacore stew with white rice, scrambled eggs, pancakes.”

“String beans, sausage and bread or pastry selections.”

“That’s brunch for sure Nilla.  No need for another heavy meal today.”

“Jackson, as you know Manta itself is not a tourist destination.  It is an important port and considered the tuna capital of the world.  Tours of the tuna processing plant are no longer available.”

“There is the cultural museum just down the hill from here, in front of the Mall Pacifico.”

“Manta used to be called Jocay by the Mayans which means ‘fish house’.  Now it’s considered the industrial center of the Manabi province.  The city is also the location for medical specialists in the province.”

“Nilla, it is also a great place to come shopping.  The nearby mall is just one example.”

“Although not a tourist destination in and of itself, it’s location allows for trips around the region to places like Montecristi, home of the Montecristi hat – also known as the Panama hat.”

“You can also visit the Pacoche Forest just south of the Manta center and Los Esteros Shipyard. And don’t forget Nilla, that it is a beach destination.”

“Jackson, today is not a beach day!”

“Well, if it were, there are twelve of them!”

‘I think the Ts are going to spend several hours working on a letter and suggestions to Russell.  They won’t have time once back in the U.S. and it needs to be done.”

“Sounds boring, but given our experience, it is a’ must do’!”

“Have you noticed the mourning dove nest in the palm tree just beyond our balcony Jackson?”


“Yes I have.  Must be pretty boring sitting there on the eggs all day, especially when it’s raining.”

“The female sits on the nest late afternoon and night and is relieved in the morning by the male.”

“So we must be seeing the male Nilla.”

“Most likely.”

“How many eggs does she lay?”

“Only two.”

“We’ll watch and see if there are any signs of hatching while we’re here.  That’ll give us something to do when the Ts go out.”

“Gestation is fourteen to sixteen days and we have no idea when both eggs were laid.  they wait until both eggs are laid to begin the incubation process to make sure both hatch at the same time.”

“Nilla, we might not see them hatch then.”

“True, but we can still watch.”

“So you noticed the dove, I noticed something else.”

“What’s that Jackson?”

“What’s wrong with this picture?”

“What picture?”

“That one.”

“Hummm.  Fall foliage.  Maple leaves at the edge of a field.”

“You’d expect some ocean ‘beachy’ or tropical paradise type photograph.”

“That’s true Jackson, very interesting selection since we are along the coast.”

“The Ts are headed to the Mall del Pacifico to have a light dinner.”

“Not to El Espanol again.”

“Doubt it – there are other restaurants on the third floor.”

“We’ll find out what they ate when they return Jackson.”

On the third floor of Mall del Pacifico there are ‘food court’ selections as well as more upscale restaurants to chose from.  The Ts opt for sushi at Kobe Sushi.

They chose an outside table overlooking the malecon rather than eating at the sushi bar.  Nice view of the harbor and off in the distance the peninsula that blocks the view of Crucita.

It is a peaceful, quiet and relaxing meal.  They make it back to Balandra, the second load of laundry returned, neatly hanging in the closet.

“They had sushi Jackson!”

“Wonder if the tuna was fresh.”

“Don’t be funny Jackson, in the tuna capital of the world – fresh tuna?!”

“Good night Nilla.”

“Good night Jackson, I think the Ts are contemplating a trip back to Montecristi tomorrow.”




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