Manta, Sunday, 03/10/2019

“Great night’s sleep at last Jackson.  The doves are still taking turns on the nest.”

“Any evidence of hatching?”

“Not yet.”

“Breakfast time.”

“The usual fare, juice this morning black raspberry or melon.  Instead of ceviche, albacore, onion and squash soup – looks pretty good.”

“It’s cloudy but the sun is trying to peek out from behind them.”

“Montecristi Jackson?”

“Looks like that is the plan – local bus from in front of Mall del Pacifico to the terminal terrestre and bus to Montecrisit – straight forward.”

“Here comes a bus now Jackson- not local but says it goes to the bus terminal.”

“I think the Ts have taken a ’round about bus’ – we should be at the terminal by now.”

“Isn’t that the same hospital we passed about forty minutes ago?”

“Yes, we’re going around in circles.  It’s been an interesting ride – past auto dealerships, cell phone mecca, household appliance stores and cookware.”

“Did you happen to notice the wires running down the telephone pole from the power lines above ending in two outlets.  As if to say help yourself to electricity.  Or, charge you phone here.  Anyway, I hope the Ts realize that we’ve gotten nowhere and get off the bus before we go around again!”

“Nilla, Aventurero is really missing this adventure!”

“We’re getting off – at last, over an hour on that bus!”

“Grab a taxi to the terminal – no more fooling around Nilla.”

“Bus 18 to Montecristi.”

“Buses are a wonderful venue here to proclaim ones political, religious or social opinion.”

“Or even sell things – the incredible edibles, and that skin cream the young man was peddling, guaranteed to change your life forever.”

“And Nilla, also an opportunity to request financial assistance – personal or otherwise.”

“There’s not so much of that Jackson.”

“Just think in thirty minutes and we’re here – $1.20 from Manta.”

“Let’s go shopping Jackson.”

“Not until we go to the pastry shop we saw the last time we were here.”


“What a selection – absolutely no calories!  They even have sandwiches here.”

“Not a one in the chocolate cake or the carrot cake – looks like the Ts won’t be having dinner this evening.”


“Looks like the Ts have found everything they hoped to buy in one shop, Artesanias Mila on calle 9 de julio..  They have handcrafts from the coast, from Otavalo and Saquisili Ecuador – the women running the shop are from Otavalo!”

“The cathedral is really beautiful, it’s rather interesting that there is a statue of Eloy Alfaro in front – he really tried to minimize the Catholic church’s influence on government. It got him killed.”

“Seems like he was a ‘no compromise’ leader, dictator and then president.”

“Anyway, it’s time to head back to Manta.”

“I’m so glad we were able to come back to Montecristi, the ladies in the Artesania Mila were so nice – they even gave the Ts a llapa!”

“What’s a llapa Nilla.”

“I means ‘something extra’.”

“We don’t have a topic for today.”

“That’s okay Jackson, tomorrow we will.”

“We will?”

“Yes, we never blogged about the beach rocks the Ts picked up.  We did the research but never posted.”

“That’s right!  Great plan.  Then Tuesday back to Crucita and that post will be all about farewells.”

“That leaves Wednesday – a packing day – getting ready to travel and then we’re off.”

“Once we’re back in the U.S. we won’t have time to blog – we’ll be telling the story behind the story to our associates – that will take at least three months and then, guess what?  We’re back to traveling again.”

“Let’s not blog every day next time – it’s getting difficult to come up with the daily topic.”

“Nilla, consider a weekly post unless something really interesting happens.”

“That’s much more reasonable.”

“The Ts are going to the El Faro restaurant for the digistif.”

“Especially after those cake selections!”

“What’s a Pervuvian causa?  Looks like the Ts are going to share one.”

“It’s a layered potato dish, and the mashed potatoes can be layered with a number of things.  The name is derived from the Incan quechua word ‘kausaq’ which means ‘giver of life’ another name for potato.  It is a freely placed circular layered presentation drizzled with pesto or other sauce and topped with whatever the chef has in mind.  Here, at El Faro, the topping is octopus.”


“Looks interesting and given the Ts reaction probably pretty good.  Just the right bocadillo before heading back to the room to relax.”

“Jackson, it certainly has been an interesting day.”

‘It has Nilla, thanks for sharing it with me.”



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