Manta, Tuesday, 03/12/2019

“No little hatchlings yet Jackson.”

“The gecko outside our door has been pretty vocal this morning.”

“Maybe bragging about the moth he caught last night.”

“The Ts are going to request compensation for the relocation and lodging as the result of the electrical outage and subsequent fire.”

“How are they going to do that?”

“They submitted a summary of events to FlipKey yesterday and this morning received a brief reply inquiring as to the amount of compensation.”

“Do you think they’ll be successful?”

“Well, FlipKey is a subsidiary of TripAdvisor, so it might be possible – at least part of their expenses.”

“I wonder what’s happening with La Golfina, and if we’ll stop by Las Dunas during our return trip to Crucita.”

“Why do you insist on calling that house “La Golfina’?”

“I feel sorry for it, it deserves better.”

“We’ll see, at least say ‘thank you’ to Manual again if he’s around.”

“Getting to the bus terminal on #17 was much shorter than our excursion on Sunday Jackson.”

“Sure was.”

“Now onto Crucita, first through Rocafuerte.”


“Not a bad trip at all Nilla.”

“Tricimoto to Las Dunas, it’s almost 2:00 PM.”

“Manual isn’t here – and looks like nothing has been done to the house since we left.”

“La Golfina.”

“Aventurero is hanging out a Ramblas, we’ll meet him there.”

“Jeff has left Ramblas and has gone home to the Oriente, but we can say “so long” to the rest of our friends here.”


“Jeff said he would stay in touch and practice his English.”

“I sure hope so Jackson.”

“I don’t see our kitty friend – haven’t see her since Carnival, hope she’s alright!”

“We need to get to Rimini – it’s after 2:30 PM.”

“The letter sign, we can finally have our picture taken on the sign!”

“Last meals at Rimini until December – dorado a la plancha and langostinos, yummy choices.”


“Kevin wants to stay in contact with us, he’s been a good waiter here.”

“We’ve got contact information for everyone else, all our friends.”

“Diego, oops we mean Norest Grump, thanks for all your help and for being a good neighbor even though the smoke from your lawn clipping fire floated into our yard that one time.”


“Well it was laundry day and the clothes were hanging out back to dry.  He also needs to keep his vehicle out of muddy yards and don’t wash it when it’s going to rain.”

“See you soon Chris and Elaine, keep tabs on Las Dunas for us.  Give our best to Jan and John.  Hope they find another rental alternative, maybe in Los Ranchos.”


“Gary, keep singing those songs and strumming the guitar.”

“You too Russell, el musico.”

“Guardagatos, take care of the cats and say goodbye to our Ramblas kitty friend if she ever shows up again.  Give her some treats and some loving scratches for us.  Keep her away from Norest Grump and Aventurero.”


“Shelly and Gary, April will be here before you know it and you’ll be back up north too!”

“And Aventurero, we love you!”  The Ts do too.”


“Yes, thanks so much for sharing this adventure with us, you’ve been daring!”

“Ciao.  Necesitas practicar el espanol.”

“Stay safe.”

“Good bye Crucita.”

“Nilla, Carlos is here, it’s time to return to Manta.”

“I know Jackson, sad, it’s starting to rain – appropriate for good byes.”

“We’ll be back Nilla.”

“Yes we will.  Hasta entonces.”



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