Manta to U.S. Thursday, 03/14/2019

“Up too early Nilla.  Can’t even see if there is a dove on the nest.”

“I’m sure there is.  It poured again last night Jackson.”

“It’s still drizzling now.  No buffet breakfast for the Ts this morning.”

“No one is answering a ‘recepcion’ either.  The Ts will have to take their own bags, and us down the stairs.”

“I think we woke up the overnight desk clerk Nilla.”


“I believe you are right!”

“The shuttle is on its way, looks like it’s going to be crowded – just us!”

“Right on time – 6:00 AM.”

“Look at the roads Nilla – they’re flooded, cars driving along them are making major waves!”

“The airport is quiet too – maybe twenty passengers waiting for one of two flight this morning – TAME or Avianca.”

“The departure waiting area isn’t too bad – even a decent bathroom.”


“Jackson, did you see that on the TV – Crucita from last Thursday – the mud covering the road at the base of Aventurero’s hill – and in front of Genoa Pizza.  They’re reporting on the heavy rains during the invierno.”

“Looks like last night they couldn’t even hold a concert scheduled in Guayaquil.”

“It’s time to board, the plane is fairly full Jackson, we won’t have our own seat.”

“Oh well.”

Short flight to Quito – cloudy – no good views of snow-capped mountains.  Bags checked through to Boston. Immigration – and yet another response to questions about the prorroga.

“Look there’s an Outback and they’re serving breakfast.”

Flight to Bogota is a little longer than the one from Manta to Quito and it too is fairly full.  Back through security once again and scurrying to make the connection to Boston.

“This plane is packed Jackson.  No seat for us again.  I guess we’ll just have to snooze our way to Boston tucked away in our personal carry-on.”

“Guess so Nilla.”

Pleasant entertainment.  The Ts are able to catch up on some of the movies they missed while away.  A hot meal, chicken or beef proceeded by warm moist napkins.  Beverages at no charge.  Just over the halfway point, hot ham and cheese sandwiches and beverage service again.  Impressive.

“Jackson, wake up, we’re landing.”

“We’re late.”

“We’re not exactly in a rush Jackson.”

Immigration and customs – didn’t even ask for the declaration form.  Cool weather, snow on the ground.  Found the driver and off to home base.

“We’re here Nilla.”

“Feels good Jackson.”

“Let the debriefing begin.”

“Keep me informed if you here of any upcoming travel plans.”

“Likewise Nilla.”

“I’m tired.”

“Me too.”

“Until the next adventure!”

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