Manta, Wednesday, 03/13/2019

“It’s pouring out.  I wonder if it is in Crucita.  If so, La Golfina is doomed for sure!”

“Stop worrying about that house, the owner doesn’t seem to be too concerned.”

“Good day to pack.  Are you taking those stupid beach rocks back to the U.S. Jackson?”


“They might not have brains but yes, they’re going with us, especially if you insist on calling that house La Golfina.  Who knows they could be valuable.”

Sure, as sure as I am that we’re flying business class tomorrow.  The Ts just received a text from Aventurero, it’s pouring there too and things are at risk of flooding again.  And, by the way he saw the cat a Ramblas just before we got there – she’s doing fine Jackson.”

“So much for the pool today.  We’re not flying business class tomorrow?”

“Are you paying for the upgrade?  Do you really think we’ll be back traveling in three months?”

“I hoping but it might be longer – if not, that gives us even longer to tell the story behind the stories Nilla!”

“We might do some incidental travels Jackson.”

“I know the Ts want to visit Acadia National Park together.”

“That sounds like fun.”

“We could certainly blog about that.”

“Yup, the last national park they visited got slammed by a hurricane.”

“Hey, even despite the rain the doves are ever vigilant – on the eggs in their nest.”


“Packing it is today.  On Monday by the pool we saw more pollinators than we’ve seen anywhere else since our arrival to Ecuador – two hummingbirds, multiple butterflies of various sizes and colors and big black bees.”

“That’s because there are flowering plants along the pool periphery to attract them. Dinner here at Balandra tonight – could resume raining at any time.”

“I’m already looking forward to returning.”

“Me too.”



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