Getting Organized & First Week In Aruba

“Nilla, I almost didn’t see you sitting there quietly on the bed in the spare bedroom!”

“I know Jackson, a lot of stuff piled high – means we’re going some where pretty soon!”

“Yes, Aruba for three weeks – back for just over three weeks and then off to Ecuador for three months!”

“In addition to toiletries and clothes there are kitchen utensils and spices – what’s that about?’

“As I understand it, three weeks in Aruba eating out can be very expensive and even some of the cooking essentials as expensive because most everything is imported onto the island, so the Ts plan to do a good deal of ‘cooking in’, sticking to a budget, that’s not to say that we won’t be out and about Nilla!”

“So all of this stuff is going to Aruba?”

“No Nilla, some is going to Aruba and some to Ecuador, and some stuff is going to both destinations.”

“Jackson, I think they may to bring an extra suitcase.”

“We’ll see about that.  Using the larger but still qualifying carry on bags they may be able to pack it all without the extra cost.”

“I know they are hoping that the place in San Clemente will be a place the Ts and us will want to return to and that arrangements can be made to leave some stuff there for the following year.”

“Well the good thing is that they have seen the place they will be staying at – the only concern is our friends in Crucita and will we be able to visit.”

“We’ll be able to visit surely – but via taxi or bus – depends on the roads and Carlos the taxi driver we used last year.”

“Remember, Aventurero said we could stay with him while visiting Crucita.”

“I remember, the house on the hill!”

“Just have to wait and see Nilla.”




“Aventurero leaves for Crucita today!”


“I know Jackson, we’ll be leaving for Aruba in a couple of days too!”




“Right on time Jackson!  Flight Line five o’clock, a little early for us but we can sleep on the plane!”

“Can’t believe traffic is this heavy this early!”

Check-in at Jet Blue is painless.   The flight departs late because of a delay in food service delivery but amazingly arrives on time in Aruba.  The movie selection was entertaining and helped the time ‘fly’ by, one movie in particular was of particular interest, the ‘Panama Papers’ about a dangerous but thorough and ongoing investigation about off shore bank accounts, money laundering and tax evasion – worth further inquiry at a later time.  The only glitch before grabbing a cab to La Cabana were the self passport scanners that were not functioning properly but finally accommodated eager tourists out to customs and baggage claim.

“It’s great to be in Aruba again – it’s toasty warm!”

“And sunny too Nilla – a Carnival cruise ship is in port – must be somewhat quiet downtown Orangistad.”

Little bit of construction onsite at La Cabana – but looking across the parking lot at what used to be Tropicana, is in the process of renovations and is now The Eagle Aruba Resort and Casino – millions being spent to spruce it up!



The Interval exchange complicated the check in process but Diana handled it expertly – making sure we would not have to change rooms mid-stay – a studio 141B.  Nilla and Jackson as well as the Ts receive identification wrists bands that will give access to the property amenities!


“Off to SuperFoods – at least the walk is short, but there are no lights at the highway crossing!”



“Sure hope people pay attention to pedestrians.”

“They seem to Nilla – the only thing is – what if drivers are on their cell phones?’

“Do they have a hands-free law in Aruba?”

“Don’t know – that could be a topic for research later during our stay.”

“We have to remember a quarter, florin or euro to release a shopping cart, winkelwagon, from the corral at the supermarket.”


“We get it back when we return the cart anyway.”

The surf was rough on Saturday – with ‘no swimming’ signs posted and it was a little buggy at the beach – no significant breeze.  That was the only day this week with  high waves and dangerous conditions.

Back poolside there seems to be fewer iguanas hanging around, but there poop is still on the pool’s patio – sure enough as the sun comes out so do the iguana!

“At least they don’t look at me as food Nilla, like they have in the past.”

“Got to be the orange Jackson!”




Simple, healthy breakfasts and lunches with a more significant dinner meals but still healthy – all prepared in studio 141B are in keeping with the budget.

“What do you think of studio 141B so far Jackosn?”



“Seems to suit us just fine and the Ts seem to be enjoying it as well – nice to be out on the patio to enjoy a cup of coffee – the Ts seem to enjoy the Colombian java.”

“Jackson, I was thinking that poolside would be a wonderful place to conduct a study on tattoos – there seems to be a lot of people with them.”




“What just walk over to them and say “”Hey, nice tattoo, tell me about it?””

“No Jackson, I was just thinking, that’s all.  Besides there’s other things to do by the pool.”

“Like what?  We don’t play bingo!”




“You know, I was thinking that the iguana and their leathery moulting skin should serve as a reminder to folks baking in the sun – their skin will look like that!”




“The Ts are careful, SPF 30 and SPF 50 and trying to stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible.”

“Did you notice all the construction at the high-rise district, clearly visible from the ocean edge?’

“Yes, and overall, Aruba is spending over $100 million in hotel updates!  Did you notice the California Lighthouse?”

“I did, Jackson, it’s called the California Lighthouse named after a steamship wreck.  The light is located on the northernmost point of the island atop Hudishibana, It was built from island stone, constructed over a three year period, 1914 through 1916 and is about 100 feet ”

“The beach here is wonderful, in fact Eagle Beach was named one of the top five beaches in the world by Trip Advisor.  But did you notice that there aren’t many shells?”




“Jackson I did notice the absence of shells but did you also know that it is also the nesting site for the Leatherback sea turtles March through September?”

“I did Nilla.  Aruba’s beaches are nesting sites for not only the Leatherbacks, but Loggerhead, Green and Hawksbill sea turtles, there’s even a program called Turtuaruba Foundation for the conservation and protection of the turtles!”

“At the Pata Pata is seems like they have changed the straws once again – no longer ones recycled from corn but now paper – as part of Aruba’s commitment in protecting sea life.”

“And not to mention the paper cups – introduced to the guests on Friday.”

“Rose and Jander both appreciated their gifts the Ts brought them from Maine – they seem happy to see us too!”

“Don’t forget Ricardo, he’s from Machala, Ecuador – he loved looking at some of our photos from Crucita and reminiscing about the food typical of the coast there.”


“This week Sarah had a birthday and Avery had her first birthday as well, she’s growing so fast!”



“Finally a walk to the high-rise district, just under two miles, and  a visit to Carlitos for the delicious chicken wings!”


“The Ts were disappointed Nilla – the first order seemed to have been re-heated and the second, on-the-house was not up the the usual standard either.”

“At least the women at the Pandora shop in the Paseo Herencia were happy to see us, Jackson.”


“Speak for yourself Nilla – you and your ‘bling'”.


“The Ts weren’t disappointed with the fare at the Pelican Nest, ‘Gary’s Delight’ and ‘Almond Crusted Fish Fingers’ when they went there midweek.”

“Yes, they didn’t take us – that’s because they were going to the movies to see ‘Harriet’ at the Caribbean Cinema in the Paseo Herencia.”

“My understanding that the movie is based on a true story and is a very moving tale about slavery and overcoming nearly insurmountable odds in pursuit of freedom.”

“The Ts liked it, better than some of the other movies they’ve seen lately.”

“Have we missed anything else that happened this week?”

“I think we’ve covered it all., except maybe the pinchos – which is a good deal considering $4.50 chicken,  $5.50 for tenderloin and $6.00 for the shrimp.”

Pincho Chef

“Any ideas for next week’s post?”

“Let’s look in to the health care in Aruba and maybe some of the traffic laws, like using cell phones while driving – just some suggestions Nilla.”

“We have an entire week ahead of us to think about it anyway.”

“Let’s publish this post!”

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