Concluding 2019 Visit to Aruba

“Nilla, we’re leaving tomorrow!  What should we say about the last several days here?”

“Well, in our travels we have certainly seen significant construction in the low rise section, as well in the high rise area as well.”

“Don’t forget about all the new palapas – the beach is going to get crowded!”

“That’s because of the former Tropicana being converted to the Eagle Aruba Resort and Casino and the additional rooms.  There aren’t enough palapas on the beach now.”

“Nilla, I really like La Cabana and the staff here.  It’s a wonderful location for walking, enjoying the beach, pool and close to the bus stop.”

“And it’s attractive too Jackson.”

“How about sharing some of this weeks photographs?”

“Good idea Jackson.  Let’s do it!”


“Can’t forget those cute sugar birds, they’re a favorite of mine.”

“Well Jackson, there are 249 species of birds recorded in Aruba and the Prikichi, a parakeet-like bird and the shoko (the burrowing owl) reside only on the ABC islands.

“Yes Nilla, we’ve never seen either one.  the Prickichi was officially named the national bird in 2017 and the Shoko named the national symbol in 2012.”

“Aruba is truly a special place.  Which reminds me, on an island of only 69 square miles and more or less 105,000 residents and thousands of tourists what do they do with all the trash?”

“The policy is – ‘Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Restore’.”

“Oh, the 5 Rs.”

“Exactly.  They are able to process about half of the municipal waste. They are able to convert mixed garbage to feedstock while other trash is exported by private companies – a profitable venture – aluminum, newspaper, general paper and cartons.”

“Jackson, I like the reuseable designer shopping bag – it sells for about $20.00 and is made from recycled plastic bottles.”

“You and shopping!”

“Well, this is it Jackson!”

“Should we start crying now?”

“There’s a place for that Jackson.”

“We have our own seats for the flight back to the States.”


“Yup in time for Thanksgiving.”

“Don’t be too sad Nilla – we’re going back to Ecuador in December.”

“Let’s focus on that Jackson.”



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