Busy Time in San Clemente – 01/02/2020-01/11/2020

“The Ts have been very busy over the past week or so Nilla.”

“They sure have Jackson.”

“Aventurero made it back to Crucita from Tumbes safe and sound.”

“They walk an average of three miles a day and have met many ex-pats.”

“The tides haven’t been all that cooperative, given the timing and the Ts schedule.  But walking on the road can be interesting too Nilla.”

“We’ve been told that San Clemente has one of the most dangerous intersections in the country.”


“Yeah, and it happens to be near the beautiful church and the bus stops.  It’s the corner that makes it dangerous.  Need to cross at the crosswalk for sure!”

Cloudy day and a small fishing boat seems lost between sky and sea.

“Yes, we’ve stopped at Hugo’s produce stand – not the best in San Clemente, but Hugo is a nice man, wishing us a wonderful new year.  Just over $1.00 for our salad makings.”


“And there’s evidence of people really wanting to get this wonderful beach clean as well Jackson.”

We should respect the magic of this place and not throw trash on the beach!

“The Ts enjoyed a brief visit to Sosote, the Manibi province’s artisan center for tagua nut sculpture and jewelry.”



We really liked this seahorse!

“Since they were closer to Crucita than San Clemente, and the bus to Crucita just happened to be going by the Ts paid an unexpected visit to Crucita and say hello to friends there.”

“Aventurero said that he didn’t mind the long bus ride to Peru and back – he got to see the countryside.”

“So he’ll be all set with his tourist visa, until he goes home late March Jackson.”

“Nilla, both of our team favorites are out of super bowl contention – the Patriots and the Eagles lost.”

“So Jackson, looks like we’re back to our prediction – 49ers and the Ravens.”

“That was until Saturday evening when the Ravens lost to the Titans.”

“Yes, the ‘Jackson’ lost.”

“But, the Titans do have a corner back names Jackson, so we’ll just have to wait and see Nilla.”

“The Sports Cafe H in Bahia seemed like a good restaurant, in a lovely location right on the shore.”

“And we can watch football there – maybe go there for the Super Bowl – it’s a definite consideration.”

“Three Kings Day, on the sixth, was very quiet here, it was sad to take down the lights on the seventh, but maybe we can do something for Carnival.”

Reflection from our balcony.

“But the town sure had a party on the eleventh – celebrating Three Kings Day then, fireworks, music, activities for the children.  The Ts didn’t go downtown, they had had a long day with the parenting workshop at the Sathya Sai School.”

“So, that leads to the question Nilla, what do you think was the most exciting over the past ten days?”

“Definitely being involved with the Sathya Sai School in Bahia de Caraquez.”

“I’d have to agree.  The Ts are assisting with ESL class with first graders at the school.”

One of several coloring books the Ts are going make use of in ESL class

“Yes, they had a long meeting with the administration, discussed the school’s philosophy and opportunities for volunteering.”

“They munched on moringa leaves, very high in protein.”

“And they brought home passion fruit from one of the trees growing on the school property.”


“Those first graders certainly have a lot of energy.”

“Yes, they do Jackson.  And they are talented too.  Performing for the Ministerio de Educacion on the tenth, the teachers worked tirelessly with the students.”

“The first graders performed the ‘Flower Song’ and danced around, sat on and kept the beat with their flower pots.”

“Did you notice they refer to the teachers as ‘aunt so and so’ or ‘uncle so and so’?”

“After all, it is their school family, and this helps to reinforce the school’s values.”

“The students’ families are expected to assist in maintaining the facility, participating in workshops and engaging in school-based community events.”

“It’s ownership Nilla!  There is no tuition.  They have ‘mingas’ or special work groups to help with projects.”

“I’m sure the Ts will help in anyway they can.”

“And that brings us to the geckos.”

“We don’t generally see them, but they seem to like to leave their ‘calling cards’ on the tiled balcony floor for the Ts to clean up every morning.”

“Yes but the funny thing is that a very small gecko was found wiggling about in a shirt sleeve, the shirt had been hanging up in the closet.”

“I would have liked playing with it!”

“Me too!”


3 thoughts on “Busy Time in San Clemente – 01/02/2020-01/11/2020”

  1. Glad you two are doing great, thank you very much for the Christmas presents as well. Love you both. Dave and Jennifer


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