Another Week Gone By: 01/12/2020 – 01/18/2020

“The Ts have certainly been active at the school this week.”

“Lesson plans, posters to help with the “th” sound that’s so difficult for the students to pronounce”

“That’s for sure, it sounds like ‘mouse’ when they say ‘mouth’ Nilla.”

“That’s why they made up the poster with the mouse with cheese in it’s mouth.”


“But it doesn’t even look like me Nilla.  You’d be insulted too if they did a funny one with a bear in it!”

“It’s to help the children Jackson.  “‘Mouse with the mouth.'”

“Well, I don’t even like cheese!”

“Don’t forget they’ve also been working in the computer lab.”

“Yes, that’s very important way to reinforce English lessons.  There are several web sites that are great for instruction, but only two of the seventeen computers are on line.  They have a very limited budget and not sure exactly how to wire them – that’s where the Ts are involved.”

“Wire, connectors and ‘know how’.”

“And that yellow bird pecking at the windows in the computer lab was so funny too Nilla.”

“It was, they say the birds do it all the time, maybe pecking at the reflection in the windows.”


“Could be.”

“Once the computers all have internet access, it will be so helpful to the students.  The school is building a new computer lab that will be even nicer and I don’t think the birds will be pecking at the windows down on the ground floor.”

“The Ts have also enjoyed eating at several restaurants in town, and in fact have a new ‘friend’ at Restaurante Asadero Dona Castilla Ahumada.

“Want to share?”

“We still eat in on occasion as well – spaghetti with meat sauce from scratch this past Tuesday – delicious.”

“Don’t forget the fresh salads too.”

“And the pizza party here – the Saunders have a pizza oven right here at the Ensenada del Pacifico.”

“The beach is so lovely.  There are more shells now than before – and evidence of more sand dollars too – the ‘butterfly’ impression on the sand.”


“What about the fishermen hauling in the huge nets manually up and down the beach – San Clemente, San Alejo and San Jacinto.”

“Very interesting to watch – not always a good catch after all that work.  The waters are warm and the big fish are further out to sea.  They do catch lobsters though and the Ts enjoyed the dinner special of langostino y spaghetti at Zona Cero earlier this week.”

“Casting out the nets and hauling them in is a lot of work – and then they have to straighten out those nets too.”

“The birds don’t seem to mind the process.”

“This week the Ts went to Manta too.  To immigration to inquire about visas that would allow less travel restrictions in and out of the country.”

“The information was helpful but there’s no visa options that will help them at this time, given responsibilities in the United States.”

“But at least they now have the correct information – not misinformation that seems to be available everywhere.”

“They went to the Mall del Pacifico afterwards, ate sushi and bought the book ‘Horton Hears A Who’ to read to the children.”


“I’m not sure how that will work out.  It’s a wonderful story with so many good lessons in it.”

“And the school administrator enjoyed the You Tube link the Ts sent her, the story being read in Spanish and the story rhymes just like ti rhymes in the English version.”

“While the Manta trip was a success, don’t forget the right front tire on the bus going flat on the trip back.”

“No problem, off and replaced in about twenty minutes – and on the road again.”

“Yesterday it was back to Crucita for a visit, one of our friends happened to be going to Crucita too and drove them.”

“Nice to spend time with Aventurero, Guardagatos, Diego, Chris and Elaine.”

“Don’t forget Joe – returning for a short visit.”

“Something about him and $8.00 cookies – such a deal???? – Diego wasn’t any help for that matter, while the Ts bought two pineapples, had them sliced and packaged for $2.00.”

“Enough for breakfast every day this week, yummmm.”

“Marcelo taxi ride back from Crucita.  Looks like Aventurero will be using Marcelo’s services to meet and pick up some friends from Maine when they arrive on February 3rd.”

“Maybe we’ll get to meet his friends.  They can go with us to Montecristi, I think they’d like that.”

“Just have to wait and see.  Looks like we’re going back to Crucita on the 25th to look at some rentals just in case we want to stay there next year.”

“But that would mean the Ts wouldn’t be helping at the school.”

“Maybe not so much the school in Bahia, but perhaps a community school – support volunteers – no teaching.”

“It will work out one way or the other.”

“The week ahead surely will be another exciting time.”

“Don’t forget football later today!”

“How could I?”


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